Terry the Experimenter

Some time ago a fellow named Terry, who lives in the UK, made a comment on one of my Paint Shop Pro YouTube videos.  

We exchanged emails for awhile and I came to the conclusion that he's a photographic process historian - he prefers the term experimenter, however.

Terry has been taking photographs for over 50 years.  He was a keen darkroom worker whose first darkroom sat on a board suspended over the bath - his mother never really forgave him the chemical stains from the night that the board split. 

An experimenter from the outset, he has tried any process he could get his hands on.  Making process reagents from raw chemicals, modifying formulae and designing his own chemicals, soon followed.  

He gained his LRPS (Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain - a recognition/distinction of photographic ability) with a portfolio of work based on Cibachrome prints from multiple layered positives which had been developed in his own formulated colour developers with colour couplers.

After a break of a few years, whilst the family grew up and the only photos were for the family album, he acquired a digital compact camera and a copy of Paint Shop Pro 6 which was being thrown away. 

The photographic bug bit again, and 8 months on, from being a total novice the thirst for knowledge and experimentation returned.

I wonder if ......" and "What happens if  ......" have made him a passionate researcher and devotee of Paint Shop Pro - all versions.

He has a range of digital compacts from the big names (Fuji, Nikon and Canon); a mid-range DSLR (Sony Alpha); an ancient flatbed scanner; a dedicated film and transparency scanner to process material ancient and modern, from one of his film SLRs which is still in service; and a WACOM Intuos graphics tablet.

Terry's Tutorials

Terry likes to produce results with Paint Shop Pro, and more recently with Photoshop Elements, that are the same as the results that would be created in the darkroom.  This requires an understanding of the old wet darkroom and how those techniques can be duplicated with digital editing software.

His tutorials are divided into broad categories at the top of the page.  A brief description of each category follows.  Clicking on the category name will take you to the page Navigation Bar ...

Image Editing - this category isn't your normal Image Editing category.  Most of the edits are creative, unique and fun to do.

Historical - Terry uses software to re-create old style photos.

Blend Modes - these are interesting and uniqe things that can be done with the different layer blend modes.

Artistic - Line drawings, Impressionist, watercolour - this is where you'll find some very interesting tutorials.

Other - some how to's, some theory and a lot of other interesting and useful information.

Elements - a few tutorials about Photoshop Elements and more to come for sure!

If you like a challenge or taking the digital editing road less travelled then you'll probably find something challenging here!

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