The scripts in Paint Shop Pro are both useful and helpful and there sure are a lot of them - a whopping 58 to be exact.

If that isn't enough then an Internet search will turn up hundreds more that are free (in some cases) and others you can buy.

It's fun to have hundreds of automatic processes installed but if you download a whack of them, install them, test them and never use them again then it is a waste of computer resources, isn't it?

Another thing to consider is keeping your computer as safe as possible and one never knows what will be downloaded along with that cool sounding script

How about this - write your own really useful scripts for those common things you do with Paint Shop Pro and that way there is no chance of downloading something nasty.

Writing them is easy as you will discover ...

Scripts Toolbar

If the palette on your copy of Paint Shop Pro is not visible then go to View > Toolbars > Script and it will pop onto your screen.   It looks like this ...

From left to right this is the palette ...

  1. The active script.  Just drop down to see all the scripts you have installed.  In this case it is an Infrared camera script.  

  2. The Start button - click this to start the script running

  3. The Run Multiple Scripts button - very useful in some situations.

  4. Edit Selected Script.  When highlighted, the Script stops at each step allowing you to make changes like deleting steps, setting how the steps operate and even edit one or all of the steps.

  5. When the Toggle Execution Mode is selected then each step of the script will stop, giving you the chance to make changes to each step.

  6. Rund Script - brings up a lost of available scripts.

  7. Stop the Script.

  8. The next four buttons control recording

  9. Start Recording

  10. Pause Recording

  11. Cancel Recording

  12. Save Recording

All of these commands are also available in File > Script.  

In addition to the commands listed above there are a couple of other commands:

Single Step - stops the script after each step for user input.
Clear Output Window - there's a script window in the Palettes menu - Script Output.  When selected the active script is listed in the window and clicking Clear Output Window clears the Window.

Writing Scripts

Writing a script is nothing more complicated that clicking the Start button (on the Scripts toolbar) and then simply make any adjustments you wish to the image and then clicking Save Recording - that's it!

The recording can be Paused or Deleted if necessary.

I wrote a script which I called To B-W and here are the steps I included ...

  1. Duplicate Background Layer
  2. Enhance Photo > High Pass Sharpen ...
  3. New Adjustment Layer > Curves ...
  4. Merge Down.
  5. Effects > Plugins > Nik Collection > Silver Efex Pro 2
  6. Enhance Photo > Local Tone Mapping

Here's a sample of the original image and the image after running the script.

Now that your script is written and working, it can be run from the script toolbar and it can be added to a menu or the toolbar - here's how to do that ...

Go to View > Menu to bring up this dialogue box ....

At the top of the dialogue are six tabs with Scripts being the one on the top right.  Clicking on the Scripts tab will launch this dialogue ...

Now it's simple to select the script from the drop down menu, click the icon you want to use and then click the BIND button.  The script will now be in the Bound Scripts: box.

Click on the script you've bound and drag it to the toolbar or to one of the menus.  I placed mine at the bottom of the Effects menu.

Now you can launch the script quickly.

Try These

A few weeks ago I stumbled on a link to some Luminosity Scripts for Paint Shop Pro.  This is an amazing adjustment but it hasn't been easy to do with Paint Shop.

I downloaded the luminosity package and installed them - they really are fabulous and it's worth the time to download and install for yourself.

Here's the link on the Corel User to User Web Board  ...

A Luminosity adjustment is very subtle yet very powerful.  Here's an example - before and after.

As is the norm, there are a huge number of on-line resources available.

This is a good place to start ...

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