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Digital scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements (from version 6) is a can't miss activity.


The majority of people who own and use Photoshop Elements are using this great program from Adobe to modify and improve their digital images.  Typically they visit a site like this one to learn new and better techniques to produce stunning images.

The scrapbookers of the world also want fabulous images to add to their projects and they take Photoshop Elements one step further.  

To them Photoshop Elements is a creative tool to achieve their end goal which is to make appealing and memorable pages complete with their own stunning images.

Photoshop Elements is more than capable of creating those wonderful images and then arranging them in appealing and creative ways.

My job is to show you how to use the various pre-sets and scrapbook features of Photoshop Elements - your job is to use them efficiently so you can combine your own unique creativity with the power of Elements to prepare a scrapbook you will be proud of!

This page has links to some basic Photoshop Elements tutorials as well as some powerful digital imaging tutorials.  Most of the tutorials include a video as well as a text description ...

This is a digital scrapbooking page so there has to be specific tutorials with the scrapbooker in mind.  Scroll down to find the information you need and then click on the link.

If you are new to Elements then a quick look at the tool bar may be a good idea.  You will find a summary right here ===> Photoshop Elements Toolbar.

Scrapbooking Editing Tutorials

The images included in your digital scrapbooking projects can be added just as they were shot in your digital camera or out of your scanner and they can be modified and improved with Elements.

The main Photoshop Elements page includes many really useful and easy to follow tutorial with many of them including videos.

The tutorials include a group of Photoshop Elements must knows, such as ..

The Layer Blend  Modes in Elements determine how one layer interacts with the layers below it in the stack.  Easy to use and very, very useful.  Find out here ...

Layer Blend Modes

Scrapbooks use a lot of Layers for the different elements on a page and this means they are important to understand.  Click the link to learn more about ...

The histogram provides a great deal of useful information about an image.  Check out the histogram information right here ...


Layers, in particular, are really useful and powerful and Levels in the following section are awesome.

Digital Imaging Tutorials

Some of the tutorials are specific to both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

If you only review one digital imaging technique then choose Levels.  It may be the most powerful adjustment available in Photoshop Elements.

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials

Creating Awesome Backgrounds

Photoshop Elements has 262 built in backgrounds you can use in your scrapbook projects! They range from formal and understated to wild and colorful.

Click HERE  to learn about this great feature of Photoshop Elements and how to create a fabulous background for your projects.

Making Custom Backgrounds

The advantages of making your own backgrounds are that they are totally unique and they reflect your creative abilities.

There are a variety of different methods to making backgrounds and they can be combined in many, many different ways.  

The techniques you will learn include filters and tools like the Pattern Stamp Tool as well as some adjustment layers.

Click HERE  to learn how to make your own backgrounds.

Scrapbook Images

Adding images to your scrapbook page is straight forward once you know how.  Images can be added using a simple drag and drop method and they can be added using clipping masks.

Photoshop Elements eliminates the hassles of resizing images with Smart Objects.

Click HERE to learn more about the unique features of Elements including Clipping Masks and Smart Objects.

Layer Styles

After the images are on the page adding one or more Layer Style is the next step.  Layer Styles add cool effects like Drop Shadows, Inner Glows and all manner of things to help your images stand out on a scrapbook page.

Layer Styles are not confined to scrapbooking because they can be used effectively in digital imaging as well.  Click HERE  to learn more about adding Layer Styles.

Adding Text

Probably the last thing your will enter on your scrapbook pages is the text.

Text can be plain or it can be fancy and it should never overpower the other elements on the page.

Clink HERE to learn the basics of adding text.

Scrapbook Image Editing

Editing your scrapbook images is exactly the same as editing normal images with Photoshop Elements.

The reason you will want to edit you scrapbook images is simple - you want the best images possible on your pages right?  Why go to a lot of work creating wonderful pages with less than wonderful images?

Click HERE to learn about image editing with Photoshop Elements.

Text Panels

Text panels are an effective method for highlighting text an a scrapbooking page.

They are easy to create and can be decorated in a variety of different ways.

Layers styles can also be added to the text panel to make the text panel pop off of the page.  Click HERE to learn more about text panels.

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