Scrapbook Text Effects

Scrapbook Text Effects can range from plain old Arial or Times Roman to some very fancy and pretty fonts.

Photoshop Elements comes with a long list of fonts that can be modified and changed in many different ways and there are probably 1000's of fancy fonts available for download on the 'net.

The Create menu in Elements has a number of really neat ways to decorate text as well.  The text lives with the background selector and all of the other options.

text effects

One can create some amazing effects with text and it is possible to make it so fancy that it takes over the scrapbook page.  The idea is to make the text pleasing and suitable to the page on which it is included.

Text Options

Adding text in Photoshop Elements is simple - just grab the text tool text effectsand click anywhere on the image and a new text layer is created.

scrapbook text effects dialogue
When the Text flyout is clicked all of the different type tools available under the Type Tool  can be seen - the Vertical Type Tool, the Horizontal Type Mask Tool and the Vertical Type Mask Tool.

Text Options

The Text Option Bar provides most of the options needed to change the text appearance.   The screen shot of the Text Option Bar is too wide to fit on the page without making it impossible to see so here is the left side ...

Scrapbook text effects option bar left

The first selection on the left is the Font Family.  In this case the Lithos Pro font is selected.

To the right of the font is the Font Stlye that can be added to the text  - styles like Bold, Italics, Bold Italic.

The next box is the Font Size and generally goes from about 6 points to 72 points.

To the right of size is the Anti-Alias selector.  Anti-aliasing smooths the text - like this ...

scrapbook text effects alias scrapbook text effects anti alised
Anti Alias
not selected
Anti Alias

scrapbook text effects options right

On the right side of the options bar are four T's - the first one adds Faux Bold to selected text, the second T adds Faux Italic, the third Underlines the selected text and the last one is Strikes Through of the selected text. They can be added in addition to the normal Font Styles (bold, italics).

Too the right of the T's is the Alignment Selector (left align, center and right align).

The two little A's is the Leading setting which sets the space between lines of new or selected text.

The next box is the Text Color and defaults to black

At the far right is the text Warp Text selector and the Text Orientation selector.

Adding Text

To add text to your scrapbook projects simply click on the Text tool and click on the background. A new text layer will be added to the layer stack and the cursor will be positoned at the place for the first letter - now for the hard part - start typing.

If the words need to be altered after they are entered highlight them and than make any changes that are neededscrapbook text effects layers

  • change the font
  • change the font style
  • change the alignment
  • change the size
  • and the color while the text is selected.
This is how your layers palette will look - a background layer and a couple of text layers.

The text layers have names and they are what you just finished typing - in this case the layer names are "Tabula Rasa "Tabitha" and "Miniature Bull Terrier" ...

Here is how the image and the two text layers look on the background ...

scrapbook text effects tabs

Other than the added background and the drop shadow on the image, nothing has been done to the page.  The color of the text was taken from Tabitha's eye.

This would look OK for a cover page but it is a bit boring.  Perhaps it can be spiced up some with the addition of ...

Scrapbook Text Effects

In the Create Menu (where the great backgrounds live) the scrapbook text effects can be found.

scrapbook text effects create menu

This will open up a lot of different text options.  All you need to do is double click the one you want or single click and click Apply at the bottom of the panel.

Here is the previous image with some scrapbook text effects and layer styles applied.

scrapbook text effects tabitha

The two text layers had the scrapbook text effect called Gradient Blue Dark applied.  Back in full Edit mode a drop shadow was added to each text layer.

When a layer affect is added to a layer then the layer styles can be modified (Layer - Layer Styles > Style Settings ...) and fine tuned.

There are some dramatic Text Styles avaiable and it needs to be remembered that the effects probably should not be so outspoken that the focus of a viewers eye is on the effect rather than on the image.

Here are a few more images with the Headline modified by the Warp Text and Text Orientation selectors ...

scrapbook text effects arc scrapbook text effects rise
Text Warp - Arc Text Warp - Rise

scrapbook text effects bulge scrapbook text effects down
Bulge Shell Lower

scrapbook text effects vertical

There are an infinite varieties of scrapbook text effects that can be easily applied using both the text options and the text effects in the Create menu.  After they are applied then the Layer Styles can be added which further changes the appearance and appeal of your text.

Take some time to learn how to use the different variations in text - it's fun and very effective.

Different Text Effects

scrapbook text effects thumb

scrapbook text effects thumb

scrapbook text effects thumb

scrapbook text effects thumb

scrapbook text effects thumb

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