Scrapbook Image Editing

There is no difference, really, between scrapbook image editing and normal image editing.  The same theories and techniques apply to both.

So why have a page dedicated to image editing for the scrapbookers?  Good question ...

For a lot of folks it is more comfortable to stay in a "comfort zone" when they are just starting out and learning something new.  In this case these image editing techniques are part of the scrapbook pages and that is nice and comfortable, isn't it?

A second point is this - scrapbook images are only one part (a major part for sure) of an appealing page.  The goal of a scrapbooker is not to approach the digital editing skills of high end Photoshop users - what the scrapbooker wants is an appealing and interesting image as the focal point of a page.

The most basic technique is layers - and here they are ...

Working With Layers

scrapbook image editing layersRight from the get go layers will be a huge and integral part of every scrapbook image and every scrapbook page.  You can't avoid them so you might as well learn something about them, right?

For new Elements users layers seem to instill fear and dread - mention layers and their eyes kinda glaze over and then roll back into their head.  I know - I had the same reaction way back when.

Always remember the following scrapbook image editing mantra ...

Click on the Mantra to learn what you need to know about scrapbook image editing using layers. This is the exact same page as the layers page on the Elements home page with a few minor changes.

Working With a Tablet

This site is dedicated to showing digital editors how to use a Wacom Graphics Tablet with their software.Scrapbook image editing bamboo tablet

Stated briefly - anything you can do with a mouse you can do better and easier with a pen and tablet.

A tablet is waaay more precise and much easier to handle than a mouse and includes pressure sensitivity which is not available with any mouse.

Photoshop Elements includes settings that will cause the size and/or opacity and/or scattering to be changed with pen pressure.  The ability to change these dynamics "on the fly" means that everything you do is easier and more accurate - and a whole lot more fun.

Use Levels For Colors and Contrast

The Scrapbook Levels dialogue is one of those really useful and powerful tools that you really need to understand, and they may be the most powerful adjustment tool in Photoshop Elements.

By modifying levels it is possible to quickly and effectively ...
scrapbook images thumb
  • Adjust Brightness
  • Adjust Contrast
  • Adjust Tonal Range,
  • Spice up the Colors in an image
The overall change in an image after adjusting the Levels can be truly dramatic and you will be proud to feature the image on your page!

Click on the image to see how this shot was improved with Levels and to learn how to perform this fabulous adjustment.

OK - these three topics are the biggies in scrapbook image editing - understanding Layers, using Levels and working with a Graphics Tablet.

Making Selections

thumb selectionsSelections can be one of the most frustrating activities for both a digital editor and a scrapbooker.

Photoshop Elements has eight different selection tools on the tool bar.  Some of them are easy to use while others can be more challenging.  

Each one of them will do a good job selecting out parts of an image if you are familiar with how they work.

Click on the thumbnail to learn about the 8 selection tools in Elements.l

Image Editing

The techniques covered include:

  • Increasing Contrast
  • Increasing Color Saturation
  • Using A Tablet
  • Layers
  • Selections

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