Scrapbook Backgrounds

Visually appealing scrapbook backgrounds can be easily created with Photoshop Elements 7.0.  In fact there are an amazing 262 different ones to choose from!

They cover everything from an Africa map to a winter scene - from bright and colorful to soft and muted  

This means there will likely be a background to meet pretty much any of your scrapbooking needs.  The latest version of Photoshop Elements is a great program for creating scrapbook pages complete with ...

  • Backgrounds
  • Picture Frames
  • Graphics
  • Shapes
  • Text Effects
  • Drop Shadows

The list is long so let's get going ...

Creating A Background

This is really straightforward - create a new file, go to the Create Menu, choose Backgrounds, select a Background and apply it to the document.  This is how to create scrapbook backgrounds:

Create a new file by clicking File > New > Blank File.  This is the new file dialogue ...

scrapbook backgrounds new file

This one is named Project 1.  

Drop down the Preset: dialogue and select Scrapbooking.

This will create a 12 inches by 12 inches document at a resolution of 300 pixels/inch which is good for printing.  The pixels dimensions of the new file is 3600 pixels by 3600 pixels.

The Color Mode: is RGB Color and the Background Contents: is White.

So far so good, right?  This image is the  top right corner of the screen ...

scrapbooking backgrounds right menu

There is one layer (the Background) and the three colored buttons above the Layers palette - the one to select is the Create button.

scrapbooking backgrounds create menuWhich brings up this screen ...

As you can see the Artwork button is selected which gives you access to the different types of artwork.

Drop down the right menu and select Backgrounds from the different options.

This will bring up the Scrapbook Backgrounds thumbnails which you can scroll through to find the one you would like to use.

If you hover your mouse over each thumbnail then Photoshop Elements will tell you the name of that particular background - it is difficult to really see the details of the thumbnails on those small pictures.

To activate the chosen Background either double click on it or single click and the click on the Apply button below the palette.

Your computer will load the background into your file so you can get a better look at it.  

If you don't like what you see it is easy to select another one - go through the list again and choose  another Background - double click the thumb or select and hit the Apply button.

When you are happy with the choice click the Edit (orange) button to return to Photoshop Elements Editing mode.

This how the Layers palette looks now ...

scrapbook backgrounds applied

And a completed 12" X 12" background.

scrapbook background page 

Now you are ready to add elements (images and text) to your fabulous page with the great background ...

The simple way is to drag and drop images onto the background and add some Text layers.  A better method is to create some clipping masks using shape layers and add the Text Layers as well.

This is an example of what can be done with either method (this was done with clipping masks). The advantage of clipping masks is that there is no cropping or image resizing necessary because the mask takes care of it all - you are going to want th learn how to do this for sure!

scrapbook backgrounds sample

What you will want to do now is experiment with some backgrounds and when you are comfortable with that move onto adding different elements to the background.

The Video

Scrapbook Backgrounds

Scrapbook Menus

scrapbook backgrounds menus
Create Menu > Artwork

Scrapbook Resources

Scrapbook background resources

Click on the image (above) to check out some great Scrapbook Reources.

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