Restoration Photos

The restoration photos on this page provide a quick view of the steps on the Spot and clone Page.

The Spot Healing Brush was set to Content Aware which was a new additions in Photoshop Elements 9 and it really is effective.  It's now a standard in all versions of Photoshop Elements since version 9

What the Content Aware setting does is examine the pixels around the brush stroke and fill in the area under the brush.  It performs at its best when it is used to eliminate a blemish on a background that isn't too contrasty - that would be where to different areas meet like a light shirt on a dark background.

When the areas have a lot of contrast then the Clone Tool is a good choice and you can even make use of selections.

OK - now to the 13 restoration photos ...

Restoration Photos

Restoration Photos Forehead Top of Head.

Forehead and Top of the Head

The forehead and the top of his head - primarily with the Spot Healing Brush.

Restoration Photos The Eyes.

The Eyes

Zoomed in on the eyes and any damage was removed with the Spot Healing Brush.

Restoration Photos Hair.

Hair - Right Side

This was one of the tough areas and both the Spot Healing Brush and the Clone Tool were used.  

Before cloning, the small spots around the big and messy area were cleaned up with the Spot Healing Brush set to Content Aware.

Restoration Photos Hair Left.

Hair - Left Side

The left side of the head was much easier and the Spot Healing Brush took care of it quickly.

Restoration Photos The Face.

The Face

That nasty, big scratch is  mostly gone and it took a lot of Spot Healing, some cloning and  a selection.

The part against the background was easy to remove.

The part that crossed over the ear and the left side of the mouth caused more problems.

The damage to the left side of the lips was repaired with a patch that was taken from the right side of the lips.

Restoration Photos Left Shoulder.

Left Shoulder

This area moved quickly with the Spot Healing Brush.

Restoration Photos Left Arm and Background.

Left Arm - Background

Mostly done with the Clone Tool after some Spot Healing clean up.

The areas where two really different colors meet were Cloned rather than Spot Healed.

Restoration Photos Right Shoulder 1.

Right Shoulder 1

The Clone Tool and Spot Healing Brush were both used in this area.

Little bits were Spot Healed and the big area was Cloned.

More than one layer was required to fix things in this area.

Restoration Photos Right Shoulder 2.

Right Shoulder 2

More of the big scratch is gone as is the damage in the background.

The Clone Tool was used at the edge of the shirt.

Restoration Photos Neck.


I had some difficulty with the area where the neck and the collar meet - the area was worked with the Clone Tool.

Somehow the neck became too large and looked weird.

Restoration Photos Right Sleeve.

Right Sleeve

Lots and lots of in-tight cloning.  It was necessary to make sure the shadows on the shirt were maintained.

Restoration Photos Right Collar.

Right Collar

This area took a lot of close in work with the Clone Tool.

The neck and collar area that needed more work was repaired.

The shadow areas on the shirt were maintained.

Restoration Photos The Shirt.

The Shirt

The spots and scratches were somewhat difficult to see against the white of the shirt.

Some tight zooming located them and they gave way to the Spot Healing Brush and, in a couple of areas, the Clone Tool.

This is a far cry from the original picture found in a snowy, slushy parking lot.  It wasn't an easy project but it did progress smoothly with the Spot Healing Brush and the Clone Tool as you can see from the restoration photos.

If you have a picture like this one you may look on it as a disaster.  If that's what you're thinking them perhaps it's really a fabulous challenge that will make you so proud when you complete the project.

Take your time, use lots of layers and have fun ...

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