POWERPOINT 2007 from Microsoft, is primarily designed to make on-screen presentations.  They say that you can get to grips with the basics without much training, since there is a wealth of templates and pre-defined designs to start you off, and the opportunity to create your own with little effort.

It allows the use of digital images and video from a wide range of sources to be brought together.  But, it is also valuable in making “one-pagers”, flyers and brochures just as PaintShopPro, Adobe Elements, Serif Page Plus etc.

I like this software because in many ways it's so easy to use, and the family likeness allows you to transfer the skills you've acquired in the rest of the Office suite.  Unlike earlier versions, the menu bar, now called a ribbon, has intelligent programming built-in, so formatting an object and text will bring up different menu and sub-menus according to the object.

It can be a little annoying at first as the menu doesn’t always seem to be available, but as soon as the object is highlighted, all becomes more obvious.

I’ve used this software to make an addition to a digital photographic image, and then to save it in a standard file format for use in another program.

Open POWERPOINT and click on Layout in the Home tab; I chose the totally blank slide format.

power point slide layout

Insert picture in the Insert tab

power point insert picture

The standard file menu appears, so that you can choose the image you want to change.

To access the speech bubble, you need to have the Home tab set, and go to the Drawing menu where the drawings live.  As you click on it, it will expand and the “call-outs” will be revealed.

power point callouts

power point callout menu

A small drawing, with a background and edge colour you don’t want will appear, unless you’ve set a different option pattern.  But fear not, you can edit it.

Make the call-out fit the shape you require, and drag the yellow lozenge to the place where you’d like the shape to begin

power point edit cloud

Click on the Format tab, and the formatting options for drawing objects will reveal themselves, and you can change the background and edge colours.

power point format callout

Return to the Insert tab, make sure the call-out is highlighted, and click on Text box.

power point add text

You may need to change the colour of the text.  Click on the Format tab, and the formatting options for text will reveal themselves, and you can change the text colours.

power point format text

When you’ve finished with PowerPoint you’ll need the save the masterpiece in a file format that suits its future use. 

I was going to do no more process work on it, so I chose JPEG; you might need to choose a different format according to its future, eg. TIFF which will retain all of the image data.  From the OFFICE BUTTON, choose SAVE AS>OTHER Formats, and then the format of your choice.

power point saving

power point file format

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