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Setting Pressure Sensitivity

setting pressure
With a Wacom Tablet installed on your computer, Photoshop becomes much more powerful because most of the Brushes will change their dynamics according to pen pressure.

Click on the thumbnail to learn how to set the brushes for pressure sensitivity.

Selecting With Quick Mask

photoshop video quick mask
This video and tutorial shows how to use the Quick Mask to select and object.  

It is an effective and easy selection technique.

Click on the thumbnail of Anna, the Bull Terrier, to visit the video and tutorial.

Selecting Difficult Objects With Channels

video channels
This video and text tutorial demonstrates how to use Channels to select a complex object - an object that is impossible to select with the lasso tools.

Click the thumbnail to learn how to use this great technique.

Selecting With The Pen Tool

photoshop videos pen toolThe Pen Tool takes some learning because it is a bit of a challenge to master.  

Once you figure it out you will likely agree with the Photoshop Pros who feel it may be the best selection tool availble.

What the Pen Tool gives you is a cut out with crisp edges.  It is worth your while to master this Photoshop tool.

The bonus here is that there are two videos on the Pen Tool page - basic and more advanced.

Dodge and Burn

video dodge and burn
This video and tutorial demonstrates how to use the Dodge and Burn Tools plus it shows another method to achieve the same results.

The tutorial was originally named Local Control but no one knew what the heck that meant so the name was changed to avoid confusion.

You will learn how to rescue a badly exposed image like this one (its a picture of my dogs playing).

High Key Images

photoshop video high key
High key images are amazing and always generate a lot of comments.  This kind of image almost totally eliminates the blacks, tones down the midtones and whitens the whites.

It is not a particularly difficult technique and it is fun to do.

Click the thumbnail to learn how to make your own high key images.

Creating Reflections

photoshop video reflection
This is one of those techniques that you are going to love - the end result looks great and its flat out fun to do.

This is a straight forward technique that uses layers and gradients and transforms.

Click on the thumbnail to learn how to create a reflection under an object.

Removing Shine
photoshop video shine
One of the challenges of digital photography is removing or eliminating those hotspots and shiny areas on your images.

This can be a nasty and distracing shine on a forehead or a nose or a chin - even on the lenses of glasses.  

A Wacom tablet really makes this technique much easier and the tablet is fun to use.  

Click the thumbnail of my buddy Gilles to learn how to effectively remove those hotspots on his forehead.  As a bonus there are two videos that show how to remove shine.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a fabulous way to lean a variety of different Photoshop Techniques.

When video tutorials are combined with text tutorials it makes learning a technique both easier and more effective.

For the best results work through the text tutorial and then watch the videos.

learn photoshop now
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