Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials presents complete instructions for beginners and intermediate users and many of the tuts include a video. 

Since 1988, Adobe Photoshop (PS) has been the premier, best known photo editing software. It's a product that typically stands head and shoulders above the rest.

From its introduction in January 1988 to June 2013 it was available as a somewhat expensive standalone program. In June 2013 things changed when new versions were only available (the Creative Suite) on a subscription basis and the monthly fee still seemed to be quite expensive.

It seems that Adobe has realized that not everybody needs the power of the full Creative Suite and they now offer a very reasonable monthly fee for Photoshop and Light Room.

Version 7.0 was my first full version of the product. What I've noticed over the years is that the main tools and techniques remain the same and are used the most and each successive version of the program adds new and exciting tools and techniques.

The majority of the Photoshop tutorials found on this site are aimed at the new and/or inexperienced user. In addition, the tutorials also demonstrate how a graphics tablet can dramatically improve the quality of your work.

Photoshop is celebrating its 25th anniversary - check it out ...

Abobe's Creative Cloud

Before October of 2011 Adobe offered individual products and Creative Suites with perpetual licenses and you never wanted to lose the key.  My last version of the perpetual license product was CS5 which I'm still using.

In October of 2011 Adobe switched to a subscription basis for their software (Creative Cloud) - what that means is that users pay a monthly fee for their software which includes the software and all upgrades as long as the monthly fee is paid.  As the most often pirated software the switch to a subscription bases  seemed logical.

The move was met with a firestorm of criticism.  The initial monthly cost was very high and moving to a monthly subscription was not particularly appealing to those who made their living off of pirated Adobe software.

Despite the criticism, Adobe plans to continue delivering their products in this manner.   The good news is that they are offering Photoshop and Lightroom for a very reasonable monthly fee.

Photoshop Tutorials

The Photoshop tutorials on this site are separated into categories to make it easier to find what you want.  They are accessed from the drop down menu at the top of the page and below is a brief description of each categpry.

Essential Skills

These tutorials cover the most often used tools and techniques in Photoshop.  As a matter of fact, you will use these tools and techniques over and over again in all of your projects.

Image Editing

This is a collection of popular Image Editing tutorials - some were chosen and some were requested.  Most of them include a video as well.


Your ability to create great selections will ultimately determine how successful you are with your digital editing projects. These are some of the more popular selection methods.

Artsy Stuff

Wanna get artistic with Photoshop?  These tutorials will help.


Like the title says, these tutorials demonstrate how to glamorize a photo.  The cover everything from blemish removal to skin smoothing and everything in between.

Photo Restoration

Some guidance on how to restore old and/or damaged photos.  This is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things to do with the program.  

Photoshop is an amazing program and will produce amazing results in the hands of an experienced user.  With a bit of patience and learning the essential skills even a novice can produce impressive results that will only get bitter with practice.

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