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Photoshop Elements is the best selling digital editing program in the world.  It's not as substantial as the full version of Photoshop, however it'll meet the needs of the vast majority of photo editors

Despite the fact that Elements is missing some of the more advanced features of Photoshop, it's a robust program that will enable you to achieve outstanding results with your digital images.

As a matter of fact, there are many Photoshop techniques that can be successfully completed with PSE.  Here's another interesting fact - there are a couple of plug-ins for the program that reveal the hidden Photoshop techniques and make them available to Elements users.

Unlike Photoshop, Elements is still available as a stand-alone package rather than being subscription based.

Adobe seems to introduce a new version of the program every year and the current version is number 14.  

Price Comparison - Elements vs Photoshop/Lightroom

In terms of price, Elements is in the range of $99.99 US and with some diligent searching you will probably find a lower price.

Photoshop is no longer available as a stand-alone because it's subscription based for Photoshop and Lightroom CC for $9.99 USD per month.

Is Elements Upgrade-able?

As an Adobe product, Elements isn't upgrade-able.  Having said that it's a robust program that will enable you to achieve some outstanding results with your images.

If you absolutely need some of the Photoshop adjustments that are missing then there are some third-party add-ons for Elements.  When you factor in the cost of the add-ons and the cost of Elements then it may be prudent to seriously consider going with Photoshop and Lightroom in Adobe's Creative Cloud.

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Pressure Sensitivity With PSE

All versions of Photoshop Elements work with the pressure sensitive tablets and they work seamlessly and smoothly with all of the pressure sensitive tools in the program.

Pressure sensitivity means that the brush stroke will change when pressure is applied to the pen.  This is really useful in many different editing scenarios which you'll find in most of the Photoshop Elements tutorials you'll find on this site.

This is how you set pressure sensitivity.  Actually there are two different ways to set the brushes to react to pressure and that depends on the version of the program you're using.

Elements 10 and Earlier

With PSE 10 and earlier the selectors for bush dynamics are at the top of the screen in the Options Bar ...

Brush Options (left to right)

1. Airbrush
2. Tablet Options
3. Brush Dynamics

Tablet Options

Size                     Scatter
Opacity                Roundness
Hue Jitter

Additional Brush Options

Fade                   Hue Jitter   Scatter                Spacing
Hardness   Angle/Roundness

Elements 11 and up

With Elements 11 and above, the Brush and Dynamic selectors have been moved to the bottom of the screen.

This panel is really user friendly because everything you need is in one place.  On the left you choose the brush you want, in the middle select regular brush or air brush and on the right side these are the adjustments

Brush Thumbnail

Brush Blend Mode

Brush Size Adjuster

Brush Opacity Adjuster

Brush Settings

Tablet Settings

Brush Dynamics Samples


Now that you understand how the brushes work with Pressure Sensitivity, it's time to see how they work in real, live situations.  The tutorials on this site are separated into a few different classifications.  The links are at the top of the page.

The main headings are ...

  1. Essential Skills.
  2. Modifications.
  3. Scrapbooking.
  4. Fun Stuff.
  5. Artsy.
  6. Restoration.

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