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PaintShop Pro (PSP) has been the choice of many digital editors for well over 10 years - my first experience with the program was when the program was a free download from Jasc software well over 10 years ago.

Corel is the current publisher and their latest version is X8 (you'll find a quick look at X8 at the bottom of the page). 

In terms of 'bang for your buck', the current version of PaintShop Pro may be the best value on the market and it works perfectly with any one of the Wacom tablets.

The full version is under $100.00 and it approaches Photoshop full version in power. The primary reason that it approaches Photoshop in power is because it was upgraded to 64-bit support in version X6.

As a result, the program is faster and far more robust and these two things combined make it a pleasure to work with.

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PaintShop Pro

To me this is a fabulous looking screen and completely different from what I am used to seeing. Everything is white writing on a gray-black background which is very impressive.

The screen may look intimidating to a new user but it really is quite easy to use once you get the hang of it.

On one side of the workspace is the Learning Center

When any tool in the Tool Bar is selected, the Learning Center displays instructions on how best to use that tool and a few tips as well.  

This is the Preset Shapes Tool panel.  It provides some hints and instructions about  what you need to know to use this tool effectively.

What a fabulous idea!  As you become more familiar with the program it's likely you will close down the Learning Center, however it's always available from the Palette drop down menu.

I was experimenting with different tools and was annoyed that I couldn't locate the keyboard shortcut to change brush size.

I looked at the tips for the Brush Tool and there was the answer - "Press Alt and drag to resize brush."

What a quick and easy way to change brush size! 

The right side of the screen is where the majority of the palettes live. You can have them visible or not and select the ones you want in the Palette drop down menu. 

My favorite, of course, is the palette that sets the Brush Dynamics for your Wacom tablet and it is called Brush Variance (the same name PSP has used in previous versions).

There are nine different options for the brushes, each of them the options has twelve different settings available and the jitter of each option can be adjusted as well.

This is an impressive group of palettes when you have a tablet (Intuos or Intuos Pro) installed. 

The rest of the PaintShop Pro palettes are ...




Learning Centre





Photo Tray

Tool Options

Brush Variance

Script Output

PaintShop Pro X7

Corel recently introduced their latest digital editing product, PaintShop Pro X7. As in previous versions, there are two flavours available – standard and ultimate.

From the PaintShop Pro comparison chart it appears that the primary differences between the two are some enhanced software products. These include…

  1. Perfectly Clear by Allentech Imaging.
  2. Reallusion Face Filter 3.
  3. Creative collection.

In general, it seems reasonable to spend a little bit more to get the added features of the ultimate version.

Probably the best reasons to upgrade to version X7 are the many enhancements included in the new version that were not included in previous versions. Looking at the comparison chart you can see that there are 12 new features X7 that were not included in X6.

In addition, many of the features shared by X6 and X7 have been enhanced and improved. These enhancements were made to improve…

  • Raw support.
  • Layer workflow.
  • HDR photo merge.
  • Batch processing.

New Features at a Glance

My recommendation is this -  if you're using a version of PaintShop Pro before X6 it's probably a good idea to upgrade to X7. The reason for this is because in version X6 Corel included 64-bit support and a whole lot more interesting enhancements.

If you're if you are already at version X6 then you need to decide if the cost to buy a new software package is worth the expense. 

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