PaintShop Pro Basics

PaintShop Pro Basics is the perfect place to start if you are new to the program.  The tutorials cover everything you need to move from a total beginner to a comfortable PaintShopper. 

Scroll through the collection of tutorials to find what you're looking for or use the search box at the top of the page to make your search easier.

If you're wondering where to start then going through the tutorials on Levels (a great adjustment) and Layers are to techniques you will use over and over again.

Most of the tutorials on this page include a video that demonstrates the adjustment on the webpage.

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Increasing Contrast by expanding the tonal range of an image with Levels

Easily adjust the contrast of your image with a Levels adjustment.  The adjustment is easy to both understand and use.  Use it directly on the image and also on an adjustment layer.

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PaintShop Pro Layers are your best friends

Almost every project you do with PaintShop Pro will include working with Layers. Layers allow you to make adjustments without destroying the original image.  There are three different types of Layers as well as Adjustment Layers.

PaintShop Basics Workflow

PaintShop Workflow - what to do and when to do it

How do you edit an image without missing an obvious step or making it impossible to revise it?  We look at the steps in picture making and how to design a sequence which works efficiently for you.

PaintShop Pro Color Correction

Got a nasty color cast?  This is how to remove it.

An easy and effective method to eliminate a nasty color cast that may be caused by improper white balance.

The technique uses Layers and some Blend Modes.

PaintShop Pro Basics Curves

PaintShop Curves - initially confusing and really powerful!

Curves can be confusing the first time you play with them but they are an amazing adjustment tool and lead to creativity.

You can modify contrast over the full image or in one tonal area.  Learn curves - you'll love them!

PaintShop Pro Basics Selecting and Extracting

PaintShop Selecting and Extracting

Success with PaintShop Pro depends, to a great extent, on your skill and familiarity with Selections.  This tutorial covers selections and extractions from basic to more advanced.

PaintShop Pro Basics Dodging and Burning

PaintShop Dodging and Burning

Dodging and burning may seem to be magic but it is simply and old darkroom method to fix a poorly exposed image.  In PaintShop it's done with a specific type of layer and it works fabulously!

If you feel that any PaintShop Pro basics are missing please let me know ...!

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