PaintShop Pop Out

It's surprisingly easy to create a PaintShop pop out - also known as the 3D effect.  The end effect makes your image look like it's leaping out of the picture frame in an appealing way.

With this technique you've got complete control over every aspect of the procedure.  

The image can pop out to the left or right, the top or even the bottom.  You choose the frame color and even the look of the background.

Pretty much any image that has an object that has an orientation, either horizontally or vertically, can be used.

As I practiced for the tutorial I completed the procedure on a chip wagon, a boat, a neatly dressed person at Fan Expo and someone swinging a kettlebell.

Let's take a look at the technique ...

The PaintShop Pop Out Technique

This is what the technique is aiming for - the image is jumping out of the frame.

Choose An Image

The sample depicts an object in motion and it's perfect for a PaintShop Pop Out.  The object doesn't need to be in motion.

This is the image I'm going to use for the tutorial because it has motion and the pop outable part is readily apparent - plus - I really like kettlebells.

The original was facing the other way but I just couldn't get my head around doing the pop out to the left - so I flipped the picture so the kettlebell is moving to the right.

Step One

Load the image and change the Background layer into a raster layer.  The reason for doing this is that the Background layer must be the bottom layer in the stack and we're going to put an image below the Background layer.

This is done by double clicking the Background layer and the when the Layer Properties come up the name will be changed to Raster 1 (and you can type a new name) - click OK.

Now add a new Raster Layer above the main image layer (Raster 1 or whatever you named it) and then drag it to the bottom of the layer stack - this is how the layer stack will look.

The bottom layer will be filled with anything you want - a solid color, a gradient, a pattern or even an image that supports the pop out in some way.

Step Two

This step creates the frame above the main image.  

Select the Rectangle Tool (the shortcut key is G) and set the options as shown below ...

The important settings are (from left to right) ...

  1. Draw Rectangle.
  2. Create on Vector.
  3. Solid Line.
  4. Suitable Size.

The foreground color is set to whatever color you want the frame to be and the background is set to transparent.

Now you're ready to draw the Frame - it's probably easiest to start at the back of the image (the not-poped-out part) and drag across making sure that there is enough outside the frame to make a nice pop-out.

This is what the rectangle will look like - more or less.

Step Three

The only problem is that the rectangle is a vector and we want to change its shape so the Vector layer needs to be converted to a regular Raster Layer.

Right click on the rectangle layer and choose Convert To Raster Layer - here's the before and after Layers Palette.

We want the PaintShop pop out Frame to look like this - with the top right and bottom right corners giving the appearance  that the frame is moving away into the distance.

To get this shape after the layer has been converted ...

  1. Select the Pick Tool
  2. In the Options bar choose Free as the Mode.
  3. Move the top right corner down and the bottom right corner up.  The amount the corners are moved is up to you.

Now comes the fun part - deleting stuff!

Step Four

This part will be an exercise is selecting and deleting.  Everything utside of the frame, other than the part that is popping out, needs to be deleted.

You can do it any way you want - from massive erasing to using the Pen Tool to make a cut out to using Mask layers.  What I did was some selecting and deleting and then some erasing close to the Kettlebell and the arm.

The close up work may be a place to use the Edit Selection technique.

Optional technique

To make life a bit easier here's something you can do so that you can zoom in really close to make the edges sharp while watching the changes you're making with the whole image visible.

Got to Window > New Window (this will crate a copy of your image).

Now go to Window > Tile Vertically - and this is what will appear on screen.

Zoom in ...

Now it's easy to zoom way in on one of the two windows, do the erasing while you watch the result on the other window - the PaintShop pop out is taking shape right before your eyes.  

This really makes things so much easier as opposed to constantly zooming in and out to check progress.

In the sample, the right side image is zoomed way in (1200%) and the one on the left is 100%.  Any change made to the right image happens on the left image  when you make the change.

PaintShop Pop Out - Final Clean Up

The last thing is to remove the part of the frame to make the pop-out complete.

Go to the top layer and lower the Opacity of the layer so that you can see what needs to be deleted - in my case it's the part above the kettlebeller's arms.

Zoom in and carefully erase the part of the frame that should look like it's behind the image.

I found that the black layer at the bottom of the layer stack was too close to the color of the kettlebell - so I changed the color to a light blue for some contrast.

Here's the final image after changing the background color, removing the background and removing a small part of the frame.

There you go - a nice little PaintShop pop out - it certainly look great, don't you think?

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