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Corel Painter Essentials is included in your Bamboo Fun (Small and Large). This amazing program includes about 95 pressure-sensitive natural media brushes and they work magnificently with a Wacom pen tablet.

What this means is that these brushes act the same way on your computer as their real worldpainter essentials counterparts act on paper.

For instance - if you press harder on a brush the resulting brush stroke will be thick and dark and if you just brush lightly then the brush stroke will be smaller and lighter - this is the way of both the real world brush and a brush in Painter.

The artistically inclined are more than capable of drawing and painting on their computer with their Bamboo. It's what they do.

For the rest of us, however, it has always been more difficult or seemingly impossible ... until now!

Easily sketch, paint and turn your photos into paintings with this creative home digital art studio.

The Value of Turning A Photograph Into A Painting

Its one thing to take an image of a friend or family member and fix it up or glamorize it with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.  It is quite another thing to take that image (original or glamorized) and create a piece of art for your friend or family member.

The very act of creating that piece of art tells them how special they are and just how much you care about them!

painter essentials welcome
Welcome Screen

A wide selection of brushes, paints, pens and paper textures lets you add unique touches to photos, create cards and scrapbooks, and complete other fun projects.

For those of you so inclined you can even mix colors with Painter Essentials or choose from a palette in addition to the well known color wheel.

Painter Essentials Mixer Palette Painter Essentials colors
Mixer Palette Color Picker

Auto Painting

This is a great feature and seems to be specifically designed for people like me who can't draw or paint (other than painting walls in the house).

What you do is select a picture you would like to convert into a painting, make a few easy selections and let Painter Essentials do the rest of the work.  It is truly amazing and fun to watch!

The Painting Palette (on the right side of the screen) is all you need to work with if you want to do either Auto Painting or prefer to do it yourself.

Here are some examples ...

painter essentials green valley painter essentials -painted
Original Water Color

painter essentials tabitha
Tabitha Painted
(I just had to use her!)

painter essentials pencil
Jim in Pencil
Done with Auto Painting

One can spend hours "painting" with this feature of version 4.0!

Now - with the pencil drawing you can also add a new layer and do some watercolor painting to add spice to the image.  It could also be a lot of fun for your kids as well!

With any other image you have turned into a painting you can also crop or do some additional adjustments to fine tune the image.

Click here to follow the step-by-step instructions for turning a photo into a painting ...

Corel Painter

Painter Essentials 4 is based on the world's most powerful painting and illustration software, Corel® Painter™.

Screen Shots

Painter Essentials brushes

painter essentials painting palette
Painting Palette

painter essentials ted 

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