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Hi there, Paint Shop Pro users!  Here are some Paint Shop Pro videos just for you ...

The Videos

Setting Pressure Sensitivity

video paint shop pro brush variance
With a Wacom Tablet installed on your computer, Paint Shop Pro becomes much more powerful because most of the Brushes will change their dynamics according to pen pressure.

Click on the thumbnail to learn how to set the brushes for pressure sensitivity.

Airbrushing With Paint Shop Pro

paint shop pro video airbrush
This Paint Shop Pro technique was adapted from a similar technique for Photoshop. and it does a great job.

The technique makes use of a lot of different PSP tools, including Gaussian Blur, Noise, Blemish Remover and Mask Layers - but don't be intimidated by all of that.

Its easy to follow and produces great results.

Click the thumbnail to go to the Paint Shop Airbrush text and video tutorial page.

Paint Shop Pro Hi Key

video paint shop pro hikey
Hikey images are dramatic and always elicit a very positive response. This technique with Paint Shop Pro makes use of some simple techniques and  extensive use of the Dodge Tool.

Because of the use of the Dodge Tool when creating a Paint Shop Pro hikey image, the best results will be achieved with a Wacom tablet.

The thing about a hikey image is that everyone has their own idea about the best end result.  What may be wonderful to me may not be something you like.

Click on the thumbnail image to learn how to create a hikey image with Paint Shop Pro.

Paint Shop Makeover Tools

paint shop pro videos makeoverlCorel has certainly hit a home run with their Makeover Tools.

The Makeover Tools are all grouped together and the Learning Center provides guidance for each one of them.

This video and text tutorial will lead you through a complete makeover that will show you how to use the tools and an additional smoothing and sharpening technique.

Click to thumbnail to get started with the Paint Shop Pro Makeover.

Dodge and Burn

video dodge and burn
Dodging and Burning are two techniques to either lighten and area (Dodge) or darken and area (Burn).

Paint Shop Pro includes these tools and they are capable of doing a fine job if they are used correctly.

The text tutorial also includes another method of dodging and burning that does not use the dodge and burn tools and I know you will find lots of uses for this technique.

Click the thumbnail to learn more about dodging and burning.

Creating Reflections

paint shop pro video reflection
This is one of those Paint Shop Pro techniques that you are going to love - the end result looks great and its flat out fun to do.

This is a straight forward technique that uses layers and gradients and transforms.

There are actually two videos on this page - one demonstrates how to create gradients and the other takes you through the the reflection technique.

Click on the thumbnail to learn how to create a reflection under an object.


paint shop pro video lineart
If you are at all like me then you can't draw anything other than passable stick men - ahhh - it is so frustrating!

Happily we have Paint Shop Pro to help diminish our frustration.

With a few simple steps its easy to create the appearance of a line art picture with Paint Shop - and if you are so inclined you can even trace over the end result with your Wacom pen and claim you did it all freehand!

Click the thumbnail to learn how to create your own lineart.

The Clone Tools

clone scratch toolThe Clone Tool is versatile and will produce excellent results if you know how to use it correctly.

Click the image to learn more about the PSP Clone Tool and the two other removal tools - the Scratch Remover and the Object Remover.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a fabulous way to lean a variety of different Paint Shop Pro Techniques ...

And ...

when video tutorials are combined with text tutorials it makes learning a technique both easier and more effective.

For the best results work through the text tutorial and then watch the videos.


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