Paint Shop Pro 2018

Paint Shop Pro 2018 was released in August of 2017.  Corel surveyed their base or loyal users to find out what was needed for the two new versions - Standard and Ultimate. 

Top Reason To Try The 
New Paint Shop Pro 2018

  • Affordable.
  • Improved Speed.
  • Photo Editing with Pro Level Tools.
  • Create Graphic Design Projects.
  • Quick Fix Photo Improvements.
  • Added Effects.
  • Retouch and Restore.
  • Support for 64 bit Plug-ins.

Paint Shop Pro 2018
New Features

Included With
Paint Shop Pro 2018 Ultimate Only

Corel Painter Essentials 5 - easily turn your photos into paintings or create a line drawing.  The program can also be used for painting or sketching to explore your creative side.

Perfectly Clear 3 SE - this is an astonishing, one click correction tool for your photos.  Recover lost details and color.  Perfectly Clear 3 SE resides in the Effects menu of 2018 Ultimate.

Corel AfterShot 3 - a photo manager and raw editor that is very quick and easy to use!

Corel Creative Collection - dozens of free brushes, textures and patterns.

The rest of the new features are included with both the
Standard and Ultimate Versions of PaintShop.


One of the main complaints of Paint Shop users in the past was the slow speed of the program.  That's been addressed in Paint Shop Pro 2018.

Load speed is now 50% faster than it was in version 9!

Text wrapping in a vector object or selection is vastly improved.

The Depth of Field adjustment was painful to use in the past - not now.  It's much quicker both in the adjustment of DOF and the application of the adjustment.

Simplified UI For A Better Experience

Enjoy an improved, easier-to-learn application with faster navigation and bigger icons. For a more streamlined workflow, two new workspaces have been added, Essentials and Complete matching your level of expertise. The new Welcome Tab is chock full of helpful tutorials and creative content to get you started.

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Faster Results and Improved Tools

Experience a faster, more efficient photo editing program. Because of the suggestions from Corel's loyal user base, Corel made significant product improvements. The launch time was drastically reduced - by over 50% from the X9! The speed of some of your favorite editing features have been accelerated and many of your most frequently used tools like Crop, Text, Selection, Clone, Gradient, Eraser and Dropper have been enhanced.

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Express Your Creativity

Take advantage of more creative content, from brushes and color palettes, to gradients, patterns and textures. PaintShop Pro 2018 offers you more creative options for the features you use most, expanding what’s possible with this powerful photo editing software.

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It's possible to change the Paint Shop Pro 2018 interface to your liking with the User Interface menu in the toolbar.  

Icon Size - change to small, medium or large.

Scroll Bar Size - small, medium or large plus auto enlarge on hover.

Node Size - small, medium or large.

Workspace Color - dark gray, medium gray or light gray.

Background Color - black, dark gray, medium gray, light gray or white.

Customize The Toolbar

At the bottom of the toolbar is a big plus sign and when you click on it the following screen will appear ...

With this dialogue you can choose exactly what you want in your toolbar.  For instance, if you are a very basic editor then keep the tools you use most often and remove the rest for an uncluttered look.

At the top of the dialogue there is a Search box.

To reset the toolbar to its default just click on the Reset Toolbar at the bottom of the dialogue.

Modify The Toolbar

Right click on the toolbar and select Customize to launch this dialogue.  

There are many options available here that will totally customize Paint Shop Pro 2018.

Here's one I feel is necessary.  

Having the Zoom Tool and the Pan tool on one flyout has really bugged me.

To get both tools on the toolbar independently go to Commands - Tools, find the tool your want and drag the one you want want onto the toolbar.

I dragged the Zoom Tool and the Pan Tool onto the toolbar and then dragged the original set (both zoom and pan) off of the toolbar.

I did the same with the Pick Tool and the Move Tool.

Here's how the top of my toolbar looks with these two changes.

Now all I need is one click to select the tool I want without having to go into the flyout which is more convenient and quicker ...

Another Customization

Back in X8 (I think it was) in a document with many layers one could Right Click on a layer and change the View to Current layer only and then back to All layers - simply by doing a Right Click.

Luckily, someone told me exactly how to get that functionality back in X9 and then 2018.

We're going back to the Customize Dialogue and selecting the Menu tab - View > Customize and then click on the Menu tab.

On the right side of the palette you'll see the Context Menu.

Click on the drop-down menu entitled Select context menu and select Layer Palette.

This is what comes up - the Layers Palette Context Menu.

The Context Menu is what comes up when you Right Click on a layer.  The goal is to add Current Only and All to this menu.

That's dome by leaving this menu open and switching back to the Commands tab on the Customize dialogue and then selecting Layers in the Categories window.  

In the right window called Commands just scroll down to Current Only and drag it onto this menu.

Now do the last step over again and drag All over to the menu.

Now when you right click on a layer you'll have the option to view only the current layer or all of the layers.

Here's the new Context Menu with Current Only and All added.

If you've got some menu you'd like to modify this is how you do that.  

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