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Paint Shop line art is the life line for those of us who have little or no facility with drawing.  The procedure isn't particularly difficult and simulating a pencil drawing with PaintShop can be spectacular.

Learn to draw

Now before we get too far into to creating these really cool pencil drawings you need to know that there are Scripts built into PaintShop that will do something very similar.  (Scripts are a pre-recorded set of techniques that you run on an image and there are lots of them - File > Script).

Now that you know about the scripts let's look at a different way to ceate line art.  I checked out the scripts and compared them to this method and frankly - I prefer the results this method produces.

I'm not being a homer here ... the end result of this procedure just looks better to me - and - isn't it better to create you own line art rather than have an automated procedure (that everyone uses to create the exact same similar result) do the work for you?.

This is a nice and short 3 step procedure producing fabulous Paint Shop Line Are results that will amaze your family and friends ...

Step 1

Choose and image, duplicate the  Background Layer and convert it to black and white.

Here's the image we'll be using.

With the image open duplicate the Background Layer.

Turn the duplicated layer into black and white with either the Channel Mixer or Paint Shop Pros black and white conversion (Effects > Photo Effects > Black & White).

Don't use the Greyscale adjustment because it turns both the duplicated layer and the background into black and white and we want the original color for use later (a mystery is unfolding). 

Here's the Black and White Film dialogue ...

Step 2

The second step to creating your Paint Shop line art is to make a negative image of the black and white conversion. 

  1. Duplicate the black & white layer (Layer > Duplicate).
  2. Turn the duplicated black & white layer into a negative image (Image > Negative Image).

Change the Blend Mode of the negative image to Dodge.  When you do this your picture will seemingly disappear completely - don't panic though. We'll get it all back. 

There's not much point showing an all white screen, is there?

Step 3

 This is where we get our Paint Shop line art.  We are going to blur the top layer using Gaussian Blur (Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur).  Mess about with the adjustment until you get the effect you want. 

Alternately, you can bring back the the image with the Average Blur - (Adjust > Blur > Average). This is the adjustment that Corel uses in their Black and White Sketch Script.

Now we have the original background and two layers above it and we are going to merge the top two layers (Layers > Merge > Merge Down).  Looks great, doesn't it? 

Paint Shop Line Art Additions

There are a few different options that can be added at this point.

The first option is to add some art strokes from Effects > Art Media Effects.  There are some neat options such as ,,,

  • Black Pencil ...
  • Brush Strokes ...
  • Charcoal ...
  • Colored Chalk ...
  • Colored Pencil ...
  • Pencil ...

Another option is to spruce up or tone down the result with either Curves or Levels.

Another option will introduce a bit of color back into your line drawing.  All you need to do is change the Blend Mode  of the top layer to Luminance and some of the original color pops back in - neat, huh?   

Paint Shop Line Art Video

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