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You know that filters are a lot of fun and the NIK filters included with your Bamboo or Intuos really are quite unique.

The Bamboo includes Color Efex Pro WE3 (with three filters) on a CD sitting right there waiting for you in the box.

The Intuos includes Color Efex Pro WE6 (with six filters) which you need to download from the Wacom site when you register your Intuos4 tablet.

What makes these filters so unique is U Point Technology using completely adjustable Control Points that allows for precise control of the filter affects without having to make complex masks and selections.

With U Point Technology and the Color Efex Pro filters included with your tablet it's a simple matter to you place a Control Point on an image, adjust the size and then adjust the opacity.

In addition to modifying the Nik filters with Control Points, the effects can also be painted in or removed  with your Bamboo or Intuos tablet.

Color Efex Pro WE3

There are three Nik filters included with the Bamboo Pen and Touch, Bamboo Craft and Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch ...

  • Brilliance/Warmth
  • Contrast Only
  • Color Stylizer


Adds either a cool or warm cast to the image while applying a saturation effect.

nik las vegas nik brillince and warmth filter
Original Image Brilliance Warmth Filter

nik control point
It's easy to see the warmth added to the image with the Brilliance/Warmth filter.  

To prevent the sky from being warmed as well a Control Point was added at the top of the tower and sized to cover the sky.

Contrast Only

Increases the contrast of an image without affecting the color characteristics of the image.

nik contrast nik contrast only filter
Original Image Contrast Only Filter

With this image the filter was adjusted and a Control Point added so that only the stone in the middle of the ring is colored.

You can also paint in or erase and adjustment.  With the next image the same adjustments were applied, the Brush option was selected and then the filter was erased.  This is where the versatiliity of your tablet comes into play.

nik contrast only adjustment erased

Color Stylizer

Overlays a color on top of the image and lets you control the saturation of the original image’s color.

nik color stylizer original nik - after filtering
Original Color Stylizer

The Control Point was placed in the middle of her face so the skin tones would be normal and everything else is stylized.

Here's the Palette for this filter ...

nik palette

Color Efex Pro WE6

Intuos owners get three additional filters ...

  • Foliage
  • Pastel
  • Solarization


Identifies foliage and greenery in an image and enhances or stylizes those objects.

nik filters foliage nik foliage filter
Original Image Nike Foliage Filter

That one certainly lightens up the green in the foliage, doesn't it?


Lightens and softens an image for a smooth, stylistic effect, resulting in a subdued, desaturated image.

nik pastel filter nik pastel filter
Original Pastel Filter


Simulates the Sabatier (more often referred to as a Solarization) darkroom process. Use this filter to create a stylistic effect in which some tones and colors are reversed.

My personal favorite!  There are so many different Solarization Pre-Sets in this one  - here's the original ...

nik solarization original

and just take a look at some of them ...

Color Versions

Nik color solarization Nik color solarization

Black and White Versions

nik solarization black and white nik solarization black and white

These solarizations are awesome and way much better than anything I ever did in my darkroom!

If you didn't install the Nik filters that came with your Bamboo or Intuos then it's time to dig them out, install them and have some fun.

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