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Elements text panels are really quite neat, easy to make and very versatile.  This is how it looks applied to an image ...

elements text panels goal

This is a straight forward three step process which includes

  1. Draw a Shape
  2. Add Layer Styles to the Shape
  3. Add the text and position

Step One - Draw The Shape

elements text panels shapesThe shape that will be the backdrop for the Elements text panel starts here - with the Shape Tool.

The most efficient and easiest to use Shapes are the Rectangular and Rounded Rectangular Tools.  

The others (Ellipse, Polygonal and anyone of the Custom Shape Tools) can be used but it is much more difficult to add text to an irregular shape.

After selecting the shape you want then it is time to set the options at the top of the screen.

I chose the Rounded Rectangle with a corner radius of 20 pixels, black as the fill color and no layer styles for now.

elements text panels options

This what happens when the shape is drawn on the left side of the the image ...

elements text panels lucerne

Not particularly interesting or useful is it - but thanks to Elements things can change for the better!

First - lower the opacity of the Shape layer down to about 30% so that some of the background image will show through.

Nows to add some Layer Styles to the rounded rectangle.  This can be done from the last button on the right (the one with the red line through the box or go to Layer > Style Settings.

elements text panels close upThis is how the Elements text panel looks with these settings.

The lower Opacity of the Shape layer allows the image to show through which is a really neat effect.

The Layer Styles added to the Shape layer include ..

Drop Shadow - Size 9 pixels, Distance 26 pixels and Opacity 99%

Inner Glow - Size 6 pixels, Opacity 91%

Outer Glow - Size 7 pixels, Opacity 75%

Bevel - Size 9 pixels, Direction Up

None of the Layer Styles is overly dramatic but they do combine to make a nice look.

Now it is time to add some text ...

Step Two - Add Text

The  text is added to the panel created in the first step.  To do it simply select the Type tool and drag a box within the boundaries of the panel.

Now choose the font, the size, the color and other options in the options bar at the top of the screen ...

elements text panels text options

The text set up for this Elements text panel is ...

Bookman Old Style, regular 8 Point Headline and 6 Point Body, Auto Leading and White Font Color.

And this is how it looks ...

elements text panels lucerne

Once the Elements text panel is completed there are some other things that can be done - like moving stuff around ...

Step Three - Moving Stuff Around

elements text panels layers
Well - the only things that need to be moved are the Text Panel and the Text block.

When you look at the Layers Palette you will see there are three layers - the Background, the Shape Layer and the Text Layer - and both the Shape and the Text layer can be moved and re-sized.

To do that first select the Move Tool - elements text panels move tool - it is at the top of the toolbar.

Click on the Shape layer and move the cursor onto the screen.  Left click or put your pen on the panel and move it to a new location.

If you want to resize then just grab one of the handles on the sides or corners and create the new size.

With the shape layer moved now it is time to move the text layer.  Just do the same thing.  Grab the Move Tool, click on the text and move it over top of the existing shape.

Here is the moved and re-sized Elements text panels ...

elements text panels moved

Easy, isn't it?

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