Elements Essentials

Elements essentials are the most basic adjustments in Photoshop Elements.  Some or all of these  adjustments are included in all of the advanced adjustment techniques.

The value of becoming familiar with these techniques is this -  they will soon be second nature when you're working with an image which is very gratifying and makes working with the program much more enjoyable!  Secondly, the quality of your efforts will increase dramatically!

Probably the best way to become familiar with these techniques is to work through each on and make sure to watch the video if one is included.  If you've got any questions don't hesitate to contact me through the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

If you work through the Elements Essentials techniques and enjoy the process then you'll have a great foundation for more advanced techniques.

Elements Essentials
A short list of Gotta Knows

Toolbar and Workspace

If you're new to Photoshop Elements, or any digital editor for that matter, then the toolbar and workspace can be very intimidating.

We've got you covered - click the thumbnail to get started!

Layers are your Friends!

I was recently helping a newbie with some images and discovered he had no idea what layers did or where to find them.

This is a gotta know!  Click the thumbnail have a fun time discovering the power of layers.


Elements workflow provides a road map, if you will, to guide you from start to finish of a project.  

Here's the link ...

Levels Adjustment

This is a powerful adjustment to change contrast and color in an image.  It's also very easy to understand and use.


Sometimes an image has no pop and you're not sure why - one look at the Histogram will tell you all you need to know.

Click the Histogram to learn more ...

Elements Essentials Histogram LinkHistogram Link

Blend Modes

The amazing Blend Modes - they determine how one layer interacts with another.  

You can do some wonderful things by modifying Blend Modes - click the link.

Color Correction

Have you ever had a picture with a nasty color cast and had no idea how to fix it? Well - this is how to to eliminate it ...

Click the link to find out how easy it is!

Dodge and Burn

Dodging and burning - check out the different methods to fix a photo, especially the Soft Light Layer method.

Check then out - you'll love it!

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