Changing Perspective
With The Crop Tool

The Crop Tool in Photoshop is typically viewed as a useful, utilitarian tool for getting rid of things that are not needed.

Hold on though - it can also be used to change the perspective of something in the image in a rather dramatic fashion and it is dead simple as well.

Crop to Perspective

Here's how to do it ...

  1. Open your image. 
    crop st george
    I am going to use thiis picture and I want to remove the yellow portion in the middle (St. George slaying the Dragon). You can see it is at a funny angle and well above the eyeline.  What I want to do is have it appear as if I am standing directly in front of this striking portion of the image.

  2. Select the Crop Tool and make a marquee selection  around the object you would want to modify.

  3. Now - make sure the Perspective Check Box on the Options bar at the top of the screen has a check mark in it.

    crop tool bar

  4. With the Perspective box checked now you can re-position each corner of the selection independently.  When working with something like a building you will likely want to find horizontal and vertical lines along which you will align the selection.

  5. Move your mouse pointer over one of the four little handes at the corners and move it to your first selected point.

    crop first crop

    Now move the second to line up with the first and finish with the last two

  6. The result will not be a perfect rectangle or square but rather a different shape.

    crop second crop

  7. When you are satisfied with the placement of the newly selected area, select the check mark in the Option Bar and you are done!

    crop final

That's all there is to it - a nice quick and easy way to change the perspective of a picture with the crop tool.


Cropping To Perspective

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