Paint Shop Pro X2 Brush Variance

The Brush Variance palette (F11) is how you access the pressure sensitivity settings of your Bamboo or Intuos tablet in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and X3.  

What this palette does is change the dynamics of your pen strokes according to the pressure you apply  - obviously you need a Wacom tablet installed to take advantage of pressure sensitivity.

Effectively you are moving the options like Size and Opacity from the options bar at the top of the screen into your hand and you can make modifications on the fly rather than stopping to change the options.

This is an impressive palette where you can change nine different dynamics to react to pen pressure.  The dynamics you can change are:

Brush Variance Palette Brush Variance Options
The Palette
Changes 9 Dynamics
The Options
12 Options Can Be Changed

NOTE:  Tilt Angle and Tilt Direction is only available with an Intuos tablet because the Intuos has pen tilt capabilities.  Finger wheel works with the Airbrush Pen on an Intuos tablet.

What The Dynamics Do


brush variance size brush variance size palette With Size set to Pressure the brush stroke will get larger as more pressure is applied to the pen.
The Stroke Size What Happens


Brush Variance Opacity Brush Variance Palette With Opacity set to Pressure the brush stroke will get darker as more pressure is applied to the pen.
The Stroke Opacity What Happens

Color Blend

Brush Variance colorblend Brush Variance Palette Colorblend With Color Blend set to Pressure the brush stroke will start with the Background Color and blend into the Foreground Color as pressure is applied to the pen.
The Stroke Colorblend What Happens


Brush Variance Density Brush Variance Palette Density As pressure is applied to the pen with Density set to pressure, the density of the pen stroke increases.
The Stroke Density What Happens

As I stated earlier, this is an impressive palette with a lot of options available.

And to top it all off - at least 19 of the Tools in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 are Pressure Sensitive through the Brush Variance Palette!


Brush Variance
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The Dynamics


Tablet Users

Installing a Wacom tablet (Bamboo or Intuos) on a computer gives full access to all of the options in the Brush Variance Palette.

This allows the user to change brush dynamics (how the brushes work) with varying pressure on the pen.

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