Bamboo Stylus fineline

The Bamboo Stylus fineline (BFL) from Wacom is a product the artistic, the student and the business iPad crowd has been waiting for since - well - since the introduction of the iPad!

It's a pressure sensitive stylus that works on any iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 - in other words it's a connected stylus.

What makes it different different from all of the capacitive styluses in that it connects and interacts with an iPad.  The capacitive product do not connect, they just make marks.

There are multiple reasons why the BFL is an awesome product and probably at the top of the list is the fact that it's pressure sensitive - yes - pressure sensitive!

What that means is when you press the BFL harder on the surface of the iPad the dynamics of the stroke you are making will change.  The stroke will get darker and/or bigger depending on the App you are using.

The iPad completely changed the computing market when introduced and now the introduction of the Bamboo Stylus fineline changes everything once again.

So what makes the Bamboo Stylus fineline so unique?

In the first place it's pressure sensitive - the BFL will recognize 1024 levels of pressure on an iPad. How impressive is that? Now you can shade your artwork on your iPad!

Secondly - if your app supports it then you have the benefit of Palm Rejection when using the BFL. Palm Rejection means that you can place your hand on the screen of the iPad and it will not make any extraneous marks because only the pen is active.

A tagline from Wacom is "Professional Precision, Natural Response" and that can be seen in the build of the pen.

BFL Major Features

  • 1.9 mm fine tip.
  • Natural writing and drawing position.
  • Extensive App support.
  • 1024 levels of pressure.
  • Re-chargeable battery.
  • Side switch.

What you can do with Bamboo Stylus fineline

Note Taking

Turn your iPad into your personal notepad.


Communicate your ideas in words and pictures.


Easily markup PDF and text documents.

iPad Compatability

The Bamboo Stylus fineline doesn't work on all iPads.  I've got an iPad 2 and it's not compatible with the BFL because it doesn't have the correct version of Bluetooth.

The BFL requires Bluetooth 4 and these are the iPads that will work perfectly with the pressure sensitive, palm rejecting stylus from Wacom.

  • iPad 3 and 4.
  • iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3.
  • iPad Air

Bamboo Stylus fineline
Getting Started

Meet your fabulous new Bamboo Stylus fineline ...

Bamboo Stylus fineline meet and greet

Charge your stylus and make sure the Firmware is always up-to-date.  Download the Firmware Update App from the App Store ...

Bamboo Stylus fineline charge and firmware


Some of the Apps are free while others are paid Apps.  All of the apps in the preceding graphic are pressure sensitive and some of them include Palm Rejection as well.

Palm Rejection

Palm rejection is very useful and it's a feature that's included with the app.  This is the writing selection panel included with Bamboo Paper - as you can see, it's ambidextrous which makes a lot of sense.  My position of choice is the bottom right,

If you select the correct writing position then palm rejection will work.  

If you choose incorrectly then you're going to have some challenges.

I've tried a few apps and here are my observations.

Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Stylus fineline Bamboo Paper

This is a free App from Wacom and it's both pressure sensitive and supports palm rejection.  Taking notes, drawing and sketching with the BFL and Bamboo Paper is just a lot of fun!

Bamboo Paper has a basic tool bar with enough tools to sketch, draw and make notes.

Pair with Bamboo Paper - First Time

Pair with Bamboo Paper - Daily Use

Autodesk Sketchbook

Bamboo Stylus fineline Sketch Book

This is a free App from Sketchbook. It's a wonderful app for the artists and it's pretty darn good even if your artwork is less than awesome. SketchBook is both pressure sensitive and Palm Rejecting.  

This version includes many useful tools and brushes. There's a paid Pro version with even more artistic tools.

Good Notes

Bamboo Stylus fineline GoodNote

This is a paid App which is jam packed with neat features.  You can draw, make notes, import pictures and annotate PDF files with your Intuos Creative Stylus to name just a few.

GoodNotes supports palm rejection and also has a 'curtain' that will not allow extraneous marks on your iPad.


Bamboo Stylus fineline OneNote

You can easily capture your thoughts, ideas, discoveries and inspiration with OneNote - the amazing digital notebook from MIcrosoft.

The great thing about OneNote is that all your notes are synced between all of your devices - Windows, Macs and Android.

Coloring with the
Bamboo Stylus fineline


I was recently in a major bookstore and was astounded by the number of adult coloring books available. It seems it's the latest thing for fun and stress reduction.

Luckily if you have a Bamboo Stylus fineline and a compatible iPad (if you missed it - here's the list) then you can do color with your BFL on your iPad!

After seeing all of the adult coloring books I figured it would be a good idea to check the App Store to see what coloring apps where available. I found a few … and if you Google adult coloring you will find an amazing number of images and books available.

The following are couple coloring apps I've downloaded and have been playing with.


Coloring +

Bamboo Stylus fineline Colorfy
Bamboo Stylus fineline Coloring +

Coloring therapy for adults and it's free to download.  Simply tap to color one of the many projects.

The categories include florals, animals, mandalas, famous paintings, oriental and exotic with more to come.

This is an advanced coloring book for all ages. Four drawing modes - pen draw, touch to fill, directional gradient and magic for little ones with 240 levels and 120 colors.

There are a huge number of categories - from monsters and Halloween, to  dinosaurs and mushrooms.

Completed samples - fun to do ...

The Mandala was downloaded, imported into Sketchbook and painted.  The painting was done on a layer set to Multiply Blend Mode to keep the line drawing part visible.

What you need to do now is invest in an Bamboo Stylus fineline for your iPad, download some drawing, painting and coloring apps and then let your creativity run wild ...!

Want more information - here's a link to the Wacom page.

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