AfterShot 3

AfterShot 3 is an outstanding digital RAW photo editing software and is included as a bonus with the purchase of PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate and it can be purchased as a stand alone.

It's an outstanding and easy to use RAW photo editor and it works seamlessly with PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate.  

It's non-destructive (the original file stays intact and can be retrieved at any time), very easy to understand and very fast.

Another great feature is the excellent image management ability of the program making it easy to work with any number of images.  Any image can be sent directly to PaintShop Pro from within the program - so you can do your RAW editing in AfterShot and finish up with PaintShop.

Before becoming AfterShot the product was a well known and popular application for raw conversion and image management know as Bibble. Bibble's superpower was flat out processing speed and multi-platform (MAC, Windows and Linux) capabilities.

In 2012 Corel purchased Bibble and have continued to improve, develop and expand the product and now it's version 3 which includes some great new features.

I became a fan of AfterShot 3 after hearing a digital editing master do a talk to a room full of pro photographers.  His point of view is that a program like PaintShop Pro is much more than many people require while a program like AfterShot contains all of the tools and adjustments a photographer (pro or amateur) requires in an easy to use and understand package.

Now you get to decide which is best for you ...!

AfterShot 3 or AfterShot Pro 3

My opinion is that it's well worth the price to upgrade to the Pro version and Corel makes it worthwhile to upgrade.

The following are the differences between AfterShot 3 Standard and Pro.

Library - Pro 3 has a Library tab which is missing in the basic program.  The Library is useful, especially with large photo collections, because your images can be sorted into catalogs you create and your images can be sorted by Metadata categories.

With the standard version the typical and familiar file system is how you manage your photos.  There's nothing wrong with this, however the Library is excellent method of handling huge numbers of images.

Color Panel - The Pro 3 version has a Color Panel which is missing in AfterShot.  There are some great adjustments in this panel, including ...

  1. A combination of Levels and Curves adjustments with a histogram.
  2. Color Correction - you can actually change the color of an item in an image.
  3. Color Balance - three color sliders plus Saturation, Vibrance and Hue.
  4. White Balance - Temperature and Tint adjustments.
  5. Color Management.

Tone Panel - this is missing in the standard version.  It's a nice expansion of the adjustments in the Standard Panel and includes a Local Contrast Panel.

Detail Panel - both versions have Lens Correction (just locate your camera and download).

The Pro 3 version has four additional adjustments ...

  1. Sharpening.
  2. Raw Noise.
  3. Perfectly Clear Noise Reduction.
  4. Mirror and Invert.

Watermark Panel - enabling and creating Watermarks is included with Pro 3 and not available in the Standard version.

There appear to only be four primary differences between the two but those four differences are huge!

In the Color Panel alone, there are two really useful adjustments - Curves/Levels and Color Correction and the same idea holds true for the Detail Panel.

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