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A few months back a fellow named Terry made a comment on one of my YouTube videos.  

We exchanged emails for awhile and I came to the conclusion that he is a photographic process historian - he prefers the term experimenter, however.

Terry has been taking photographs for over 50 years.  He was a keen darkroom worker.  His first darkroom sat on a board suspended over the bath and his mother never really forgave him the chemical stains from the night that the board split.

An experimentalist from the outset, he has tried any process he could get his hands on.  Making process reagents from raw chemicals, modifying formulae and designing his own, soon followed. 

He gained his LRPS (Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain - a recognition/distinction of photographic ability) with a portfolio of work based on Cibachrome prints from multiple layered positives which had been developed in his own formulated colour developers with colour couplers.

After a break of a few years whilst the family grew up and the only photos were for the family album he acquired a digital compact camera and a copy of Paint Shop Pro 6 which was being thrown away.

The bug bit again, and 8 months on, from being a total novice the thirst for knowledge and experimentation returned.

I wonder if ......" and "What happens if  ......" have made him a passionate researcher and devotee of Paint Shop Pro - all versions.

He has a range of digital compacts from the big names (Fuji, Nikon and Canon); a mid-range DSLR (Sony Alpha); an ancient flatbed scanner; a dedicated film and transparency scanner to process material ancient and modern, from one of his film SLRs which is still in service; and a WACOM Intuos graphics tablet.

The Tutorials


terry autochromeThe Autochrome was the first commercially viable colour reproduction process. The Lumière Brothers in France patented the process in 1906. Grains of starch were stained red/orange, green and violet although the US patent does indicate other possible combinations of colours.

At first I was simply curious about this conversion but after converting a number of images I must admit that the end product is really quite pleasing.

Grab yourself a nice image and then click on the thumbnail and learn something about the early roots of photo processing.


OK - Terry really went to town with this one.
terry curves
Curves are probably the least understood, most intimidating and most powerful adjustment tool in Paint Shop Pro.

Understanding how curves work will free you from pre-set adjustments and the Paint Shop Pro Express Lab.  This tutorial will show some of the more common uses of the curves adjustment as well as some very unique and strange uses.

Click the thumbnail to start a fascinating journey through the different permutations of curves.


terry toning

In photography, toning is a method of changing the colour of black-and-white photographs.

The Paint Shop Pro Curves dialogue does an amazing job of toning images that look very much like old time toning in the darkroom.

In this tutorial Terry leads us through the steps to tone a digital or scanned image.  Click the thumbnail to visit the toning page.

Screen Blend Mode

thumbnail screen blend mode
The screen blend mode in Paint Shop Pro makes it possible to combine two images in unique and interesting ways.

Click the thumbnail to learn how to create interesting combined images.

Overlay Blend Mode

terryThe Overlay Blend Mode is normally used to increase the contrast in an image.  In this tutorial two images are combined to create an intersting new look.

Click the thumbnail to learn more about how to use the Overlay Blend Mode.

Blending Modes

TerryThe blending modes in this tutorial examines their effect on two different images rather than the usual use of layer blending modes which is with one single image.

You can blend two images  in a variety of different and unique ways.

Click the thumbnail to learn how to combine two different images using the Paint Shop Pro blend modes.


terryIn the 1970s high contrast black and white images printed onto coloured base papers were very popular, and in vogue with work by Andy Warhol.

You can posterize images directly through Paint Shop Pro and you can custom design your own. Now, which one do you think is more fun to do?

Click the thumbnail to learn all about posterizing images.


terry gradientsThe Gradient Editor that lives in the Materials Palette in Paint Shop Pro can be used to simulate the Graduated Filters that are used in front of a camera lens.

This can be very useful and helpful when it comes to sprucing up a good but boring picture.

Click the thumbnail to learn how to use Gradients with your pictures.

Photo Books

terry photo booksPhoto books can be classified as a form of digital scrapbooking.  In this tutorial Terry shares his recent experience creating a special family photo book.

When the steps are followed the end result can be a prized book of memories of which you will be really proud.

Click the thumbnail to start learning about creating Photo Books.

Saving Your Work

Saving your work thumbnailSaving your work may seem like a straightforward and simple thing but there are some considerations that will have an effect on the quality of your images and hard drive space.

In this tutorial Terry leads you through different file types and compressions to you protect your valuable images.

Click the thumbnail for the full story ...

Impressionist Paintings

terry impressionist paintings

In this tutorial terry will lead you through a technique for turning a photo into an impressionist painting with Paint Shop Pro.

The tutorial makes use of layers and filters and a variety of other Paint Shop Pro adjustments to achieve the impressionist look.

Click the thumbnail to learn how this great technique.


terry watercolourKeeping with the art scene, Terry has written a tutorial that demonstrates how to convert a photograph into a simulated watercolour painting.

Terry's watercolour  tutorial is straight forward and written for Paint Shop Pro. You'll be using some layers, blending modes and your brush tool to complete the conversion.

 Click on the thumbnail to learn how Terry did the conversion and then give it a go with your own image.

Tonal Range

terry tonal rangeTonal range is another way of saying High Dynamic Range. 
When you see the prints of Ansel Adams and Fred Archer, you begin to understand the impact that HDR has on digital imaging.

In this tutorial Terry takes you three different methods to change the tonal range of an image.

Click the thumbnail to check out this great tutorial.

RAW Files

terry raw
Paint Shop Pro X3 includes a RAW Editor that and what it does is  - well - it processes RAW files.

If you're a DSLR user then it is likely you can shoot in RAW format .  The files are really big because they contain a lot of useful information.

In this tutorial Terry discusses the RAW Editor in Paint Shop Pro X3 and ends with a rather unique method to create an HDR image from one RAW file.

Click the thumbnail to follow along with Terry.

Overlay Dodge and Burn

terry overlayDid you know you can use the Overlay Blend mode to dodge and burn an image.

In this tutorial Terry will provide some interesting information about the Overlay Blend mode and demonstrate how to complete a non-destructive dodge and burn.

Click the thumbnail to learn how to use the Overlay Blend mode for dodging and burning.

Vionnet Style

terryCorine Vionnet is a Swiss/French photographer recently noted for overlaying the internet published photos of tourist sites showing that we all take nearly the same image of these sites - but the work is surreal and almost impressionistic.

Terry will guide you through creating the style with Paint Shop Pro.


Terry maskingUsing masks and masking is a very powerful tool in Paint Shop Pro and understanding how to use them will take your photo editing and creativity to new levels.

A mask is a layer made from black and white pixels only. So, the mask can consist of shades of grey from pure white (value 255) through grey to pure black (value 0). Most times, they are pure white and pure black.

Click the thumbnail to learn some creative ways to create and use masks.

What Is Colour?

terry colour

I used to tell my students, "Colour has only two attributes or properties, physical and psychological.  We can re-name them, measure and pleasure."

Check out Terry's look at colour by clicking on the thumbnail.


terry plugins

Plugins for digital imaging software are additional pieces of software that specialise in applying unique and interesting effects to an image.

In this tutorial Terry takes a look at all things to do with plugins - installation, buying and some really great examples.

Click on the thumbnail to learn more about plugins.

Make Over

Terry thumbnail make overThere are software packages which will do make-overs for you at the click of the mouse ...

there are brushes and plugins which will produce a make-over effect ...

But - why buy other software when, with a little skill you can tailor-make your make-over in Paint Shop Pro X4? 

Click the thumbnail to learn how to do your own customized make over.

Drop Shadows

thumbnail drop shadowsDrop shadows provide an illusion of depth on a page so that parts of the image or text appear to be floating above the page and you pretty much find them everywhere.

Paint Shop Pro has two built in methods to create drop shadows and Terry introduces an additional method to create your own, custom drop shadows from scratch.

Click the thumbnail to learn all about drop shadows in Paint Shop Pro.

Photoshop Elements Variations

terry variationsIn a departure from his normal software of choice, Terry has delved into the world of Photoshop Elements with his tutorial on toning a black and white image using the Color Variations command in the Enhance menu.

Rather than just making one single adjustment, he uses multiple layers with different setting and changing layer opacities.

Check out his tutorial by clicking on the thumbnail - its unique and very effective.

Watercolour Filter

In another departure from his normal editor of choice, Terry has written on that turns and image terry watercolour filterinto a simulated watercolour painting with Photoshop Elements.

He makes use of a couple of the Elements filters as well as some brush work with the final image.  This is an easy to follow tutorial that produces great results!

Click the thumbnail to learn how to make your own watercolour filter with Photoshop Elements.

Composite Line Drawings

Terry composite line drawings Composite line drawings are a fascinating study of a specific location or a subject using line art. With Elements you can easily duplicate this really interesting look.

Click the thumbnail to learn how to create a composite line drawing with Photoshop Elements.  It's a fascinating study.

Plug-Ins Part Deux

thumbnail plug-ins The purpose of this tutorial is to compare third party plug-ins, recipes and pre-sets (from Nik, Topaz and OnOne) and to also do an overall comparison to Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Elements.

The destination of our journey is unimportant; it is the scenery along the route which is of interest to us.

Click the thumbnail to learn more about the plug-ins.


The daguerreotype process was the first practical photographic process. 

By todays standards, with digital cameras capable of capturing images with 20 mp of data, a daguerreotype looks rather crude, however in its day the images were truly amazing.

terry daguerreotype

In this tutorial Terry demonstrates how to convert one of you images into a pseudo daguerreotype with PaintShop Pro.  Click the VIEW OF SAN FRANCISCO. 1855. to learn all about converting an image to daguerreotype.

Sticky Labels

sticky labels thumbnailWouldn't it be neat if you could take a picture like this one of Maisie and print it on a label so you could stick it on anything.

Or how about if you could print this picture so that it covers a sheet of labels - now that would be really cool.

This tutorial by Terry will show you how to print to labels using PaintShop Pro and a word processor.

Click on the thumbnail of Maisie to find out how to print images to sticky labels.

Abstract Colour

terry abstract colourCreate an abstract colour image from a greyscale image with PaintShop Pro in which you assign colours to replace different grey tones.

In this tutorial we will convert a greyscale image into a colour image - but not your typical colour image - it will be a colour image with a difference!

Click the thumbnail and learn how to make really cool abstract colour images.


thumbnail pic-in-picThis tutorial uses both a photographic set-up and the resulting pictures will be loaded into Elements for the final part.  Elements layers and layer masks will be used to create the final image.

It's a fun project and the end product can range from the undane to the outrageous depending on the photo set-up.

Elements Creative Masking

terry-creative maskingCreative masking with Photoshop Elements covers a lot of ground.  In this tutorial Terry will demonstrate some creative uses of masks.

Masks are explained and the different methods of making and using masks.

Click the thumbnail to learn how Terry masked the image.

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