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I created a successful website - I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

And I even make money with my site and you know what - you can do it too - you can create a successful website!

If you clicked on the Successful Website link then you know my site is focused on digital imaging and digital graphics. 

Now the interesting thing is this - I have no formal training in digital imaging or digital graphics and if you have been on my Painter pages then you know that I describe myself as an “artistic peasant”.

I am, however, passionate about graphics tablets and digital editing.

So how the heck does an artistic peasant manage to successfully compete on the web with so many artistically gifted and formally trained digital imagers?

Two Ways ...

Focus And Attitude - Do I have what it takes?

I really wondered if I had the skill and knowledge to create a site that people would visit.  

  • I knew there were many, many digital artists and digital imagers who could create incredible images with Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Painter.  They were way out of my league - hey - I'm just the little guy doing the best I can.

  • I also knew there was another huge group of people (newbies) who were just getting started and were searching for well presented, basic information about digital imaging.

  • I was about average in my knowledge of all things to do with digital imaging and you know what that meant?  It meant that 50% of the digital imagers were way beyond me in terms of artistic ability and it also meant that 50% were not nearly as proficient as me.

  • I focus my efforts on the 50% who are not as proficient as me and that is an enormous number of people who are potential site visitors!

  • Those folks are now my traffic numbers and they are the ones who create my revenue.

  • So if you’re hesitating about setting up your own website because you’re thinking “there are so many people out there who know so much more than me” - forget it - focus on the people who are striving to be as proficient as you are in the field that is of interest to you.

It’s that simple and it’s only a way of thinking.

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Choose It! - Decision-making made easy.  Follow the simple instructions to fine tune your website choices (or any choices in your life, for that matter).

Make Your Words Sell - MYWS was formerly sold for $29.95 (what I paid) and it is now totally free.  Learn how to use words because words sell and graphics don't.  Review the MYWS page and download the free e-book.

Make Your Knowledge Sell - MYKS was formerly sold for $49.95 it is now totally free. MYKS shows you how to find that incrediblly profitable e-book lying within you, waiting to come out.  Click the link, read through the totally amazing information and then download your free e-book.

Affiliates Master Course - the best information on succeeding as an affiliate at any price and it's free!  Click the link, review tha page and download your free copy of this award winning MastercCourse.

Local Business Master Course - Capture the huge untapped local business market by creating web sties that work.  Click the link, review the page and download your free copy of this Master Course.

Make Your Net Auction Sell Master Course - Click the link to download your free copy of this Master Course which covers this Dream Business.

WAHM It! - The Master Course - If you're a Work at Home Mom (or would like to be) then this is the Master Course for you!  Find out how to use the net, the right tools and the right process to be a successful work at home mom.  Click the link to visit the WAHM It! page, read the information and if you like what you see then download the free e-book.

SiteSell Free Downloads - Can you believe there are 8 more free e-books in addition to the 6 already listed?  Visit the Free Trial page to check out the others - there may be one or more that you will absolutely have to download!

My Story

A few years back it occurred to me that what I was doing was not going to see me living comfortably in retirement so I started searching for another way to increase the personal revenue flow - kind  of like you are doing right now!

I pondered on this for awhile and realized that the bet option is for something that will work all day, every day - that is - something that produces an on-going stream of revenue.

How about a website? 

Yikes - I knew how to surf but creating one of those amazing sites just seemed like there was waaaay too much to learn.

I persevered with the website idea, however, and did searches for things like “website creation” and “internet business”.  Well you know the story - there are millions of them and they all promised easy riches on the ‘net.

A funny thing though - when I drilled down into these well presented and very flashy claims I found their information to be ‘sufficiently vague’.  That is - they said good things but the very basic questions I knew how to ask were never answered ... things like ...

  • what keywords to use
  • how do the search engines find my site
  • what help is available
  • what are the ongoing costs not yet mentioned
  • do I need to know HTML
  • how do I even get started

Many times I was really, really tempted and actually had my credit card in hand on more than one occasion but something always stopped me from accepting their almost too good to be true offers so I kept on searching.

Make Your Knowledge Sell

Site Build It!

One day I clicked on a link for a company called SiteSell which eventually led me to  their state of the art website creating package called Site Build It! (SBI).

SBI TV is a good place to begin looking at this amazing suite of web site creation tools.  Watch the short video and then explore the links.  I am confident you will find what you are searching for right here ...


Now this looked intriguing - in a pressure free, factual manner all of my questions were answered and more.  Over the period of a week or so I kept going back to the Site Build It! information page(s) and became more and more convinced that this was what I was looking for so I took the plunge, used my credit card and purchased a year of Site Build It!

And you know what - I couldn’t be happier!  Site Build It! has given me (and tens of thousands of others as well) more than I could imagine.

My site has been up for a couple of years with these results:

  • my traffic is increasing every month (this is great!)
  • the money I earn from my site is increasing every month (this is fantastic!!), and
  • the overwhelming positive feelings of security I have because of the traffic and the earnings from my site just changes everything in my life (and this ... is joyous!!!)

Now this is an unprecedented opportunity for you to learn everything you need to know about Site Build It! 

If you are looking for a home business with unlimited potential (and I know you are) then you need to take whatever time you need to evaluate this incredible package.

Free SiteSell E-books

SBI offers some of the most effective and well written ebooks

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You get more than just a "site builder." You don't need to worry about looking for separate hosting, paying for a separate keyword research tool, handling site submissions, integrating autoresponders, etc., etc. See the full list of features here -- pick the most relevant ones for you.

Multiple Languages

For those of you whose native tongue is not English here is some wonderful news - SBI! is available in six other languages to target the English speaking world, including:

Site Build It! French
Site Build It! German
Site Build It! Spanish
Site Build It! Dutch
Site Build It! Italian
Site Build It! Chinese
Now really, how many of the cheap hosting deals offer multiple languages?


Work At Home Moms

"I feel so fortunate to be a part of it and I suppose I'd be considered "one ... (click for more)


"For twenty-five years, the spirit of a small time entrepreneur ... (click for more)


"What can I say? Life has never been better. Freedom is something ... (click for more)

Affiliate Marketing

"This affiliate marketing case study describes how a novice working ... (click for more)


"Site Build It! changed my life. I know this sounds like a "cliche", even ... (click for more)

So What ...?

What Does This Mean To You?

  • You may not be the world's leading expert in the area you are considering for your successful website but you are far more familiar with your subject than many other people .... and that means ...

  • Those people are searching the internet for the information you possess ... so ...

  • When you combine the amazing power of SBI! with your knowledge then you have a successful website and a fabulous business!

Ask Me Any SBI! Questions ...

After you have the chance to check out all of the SBI links you may be thinking "This is too good to be true"!

Everything you have seen, everything you have read about SBI is the absolute truth and I would love to respond to any questions you may have.

I have been an SBI owner for 3 years and am continually amazed by it - everything I have ever needed to build and manage my site is included.

So - ask away and I will give you an honest, straightforward answer.

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Focus and Attitude

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