Style Match

Photomerge Style Match in Elements 9 analyzes the stylistic qualities of any photo you choose and then automatically applies those qualities to another photograph.

The style photo can be one that is included with Elements, one of your shots or one you found that you really liked and scanned into your computer.

The possibilities are endless!

So - how do you do it ...?

Getting Started

style match selectionThis is what you will see in the top right corner of Elements 9 - the Edit Panel.

Full is highlighted when you are using the various tools in Elements.

Quick will lead you through some quick match

The Guided panel has a treasure trove of really cool things you can do including Style Match. 

Style Match is in the Photomerge group and to get it started you simply click on the name to bring up the next screen.

The Panel

This is the Panel ...

style match panel

When the panel first opens the image you are working with is on the right (it's labeled after) .  To match it to another image simply drag one from the Style Bin (at the bottom) onto the left spot (labeled Style Image).

You can add your own photographs as Sample Images by clicking on the little green Plus Sign and choosing the one you want.

On the right side of the panel are the adjustments. 

Of particular interest is the Transfer Tones check box.  When it is selected the tones from the Style photo are applied to the working photo with some great and unusual results. 

When you click Done and then go back to full editing there will be a new layer above the original containing the change.  This means you can do further adjustments to the layer in Elements 9 editor to spice up the your image if you so choose.

Some Examples

style match johnny original
style match johnny
Johnny's Topdog Original
Johnny's Topdog Matched

There were a couple of distracting people in this shot that were removed with the Spot Healing Brush set to Content Aware.

style match shunt engine original
style match shunt engine
Shunt Engine Original
Shunt Engine Matched

This was matched to one of the included images that was sepia toned and the style was backed off a bit to let the original colors show through.

style match hallway
style match hallway
Hallway Original
Hallway Matched

This adjustment also provides an unlimited variety of possibilities and it's kinda fun matching the photos.

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