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Paint Shop Pro (PSP) has been the choice of many digital editors for well over 10 years - my first experience with the program was when the program was a free download from Jasc software well over 10 years ago.

Corel is the current publisher and their latest version is X6.

In terms of 'bang for your buck', the current version of PaintShop Pro may be the best value on the market and it works perfectly with any one of the Wacom tablets.

With the release of the 64 bit version (X6) in early September, 2013 it now runs as well as its main competitors (Photoshop Elements and the full version of Photoshop).  A review of the program can be found here.

The full version is under $100.00 and it approaches Photoshop full version in power.  From what I can determine it is a much more powerful and versatile program than Elements - OK - enough comparisons to Photoshop - maybe.

Visitor Comments ...

What a great site. I have been using PSP 7, through 8, X and now X4, but without any in-depth knowledge.

Since taking an interest in layers, blending dodging and burning, I have learned more in 2 days than in about 7 years of PSP use.

Thanks heaps, you are marvelous.

Neil - New Zealand

Thanks for all your tutorials. This site kicks axx and the tuts are totally idiot proof. No more falling asleep halfway through one of another's psp tuts for me.

Like the Photoshop stuff as well, short and simple.

Andy - UK

Just want to say thanks and I appreciate the work you do on your site, you're helping me learn PaintShop Pro in a simple and logical manner...
Stef - Canada

Thank you for making them! I think you do a really good job of educating people on the features of these programs. I am PSPX2 user and you have given me wonderful ideas and useful information. Also, I think you are funny, I find myself talking to you while I listen. Lol. Thanks again! :)


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Text and Video Tutorials

Paint Shop Pro Pinterest TGT

Paint Shop Pro Video Tutorials

Paint Shop Pro Pinterest Link

The Workspace

Paint Shop Pro Screen

To me this is a fabulous looking screen and completely different from what I am used to seeing. Everything is white writing on a gray-black background which is very impressive.

The screen may look intimidating to a new user but it really is quite easy to use once you get the hang of it.

On one side of the workspace is the Learning Center In X6.
PSP Learning Center
When any tool in the Tool Bar is selected, the Learning Center displays instructions on how best to use that tool and a few tips as well.  

This is the Preset Shapes Tool panel.  It provides some hints and instructions about  what you need to know to use this tool effectively.

What a fabulous idea!  As you become more familiar with the program it's likely you will close down the Learning Center, however it's always available from the Palette drop down menu.

I was experimenting with different tools and was annoyed that I couldn't locate the keyboard shortcut to change brush size.

I looked at the tips for the Brush Tool and there was the answer - "Press Alt and drag to resize brush."

What a quick and easy way to change brush size!

The right side of the screen is where the majority of the  palettes live. You can have them visible or not and select the ones you want in the Palette drop down menu.
PSP Brush Variance

My favorite, of course, is the palette that sets the Brush Dynamics for your Wacom tablet and it is called Brush Variance (the same name PSP has used in previous versions).

There are nine different options for the brushes, each of them the options has twelve different settings available and the jitter of each option can be adjusted as well.

This is an impressive group of palettes when you have a tablet (Intuos or Intuos Pro) installed.

The palettes are ...

Layers Histogram History
Learning Center Materials Mixer
Organizer Overview Photo Tray
Tool Options Brush Variance Script Output

So far PSP looks pretty darn good.  As I mentioned earlier it is probably the best value in the digital editing category and well worth your consideration.

The program does an impressive job!  And oh - did I mention that it only works on Windows?

PaintShop Pro X6 Review

paint shop pro x6 review
Over the past few years Terry, who lives in the UK, has been a very active participant of the Corel forums, specifically the Paint Shop Pro discussions.

Because of his dedication to and knowledge of the product, Terry was asked to be one of the beta testers of the newest version of PaintShop Pro X6.

Click the PaintShop Pro X6 link to find out how Terry feels about the latest version of the program.

Essential Skills

PaintShop Workflow

paintshop workflow thumbnailOne thing that can be confusing to new (and experienced) PaintShop users is what to do and when to do it ...

That means where to start a digital editing project and how to successfully work through to the end - the workflow to be exact.

Each image will require a different approach but the big picture will always remain the same - start globally, move to local and finish globally.

Click the thumbnail for more information and an example project.

Basic Layers

psp layers thumbThere are a few essential skills for successful  work with PaintShop Pro and one of them is working with layers.

Raster layers allow for non-destructive editing of your image in a variety of different ways.  Once you master them you will wonder why the heck you weren't using them all along.

Click the thumbnail to learn more about how to use Raster Layers.

Mask Layers

Paint Shop Pro Mask LayersMask Layers are one of those things that may seem intimidating at first but they really are quite simple.

What they do is mask off part of an underlying layer and this means you can show or hide part of an adjustment you have made.

Once mastered they will become an important part of your Paint Shop Pro digital editing routine.  Click the thumbnail to get started.

Blend Modes

paint shop pro blend modesNow that you have an understanding of Layers, let's move on to Layer Blend Modes.  The blend modes in PaintShop Pro determine how one layer interacts with the layer below it - and they interact in neat and useful ways.

The Blend Modes can be put to use in a lot of different situations, from blending of images artistically to rescuing poorly exposed images. 

Click the thumbnail to learn more about how to use the layer blend modes with your digital imaging.


paint shop pro levels thumbnailThe levels command in PaintShop Pro is one adjustment that should be checked and modified as soon as you open an image.

What it does is stretch the histogram so that the image covers the full range of lightness from black to white.

Click the thumbnail of Libby to learn more about this fabulous adjustment.

Selecting and Extracting

paint shop pro
Selecting and extracting is one of the essential skills in any digital project with PaintShop Pro.

Probably the most popular methods include the Marquee Tools, The Lasso Tools and the Magic Wand.

Perhaps the most effective method is to use the Paint Brush Tool which is very easy and very effective.

Click the little thumbnail of Libby to learn more about selecting and exacting objects.

Exposure Problems

Paint Shop ProThe Paintshop Darkroom is an easy place to work - for sure it's far easier than it was way back when real chemicals and photographic papers were the norm.

The tutorial demonstrates how to use a couple of the Blend Modes to darken an over-exposed image or lighten an under-exposed image.

Once the overall image is modified, it may be necessary to do some local adjustments with a Dodge and Burn layer.

File Types

paint shop pro file typesPaintShop Pro has the ability to save files in about 39 different formats and can open 58 different file formats.

You can also open in one format (a Raw file from your camera, for instance) and save in another format (perhaps as a jpg or TIFF) which is really quite useful.

Click the thumbnail to learn more about file types ...

Terry's Tutorials

paint shop terry
Some time ago Terry in the UK made some interesting and positive comments on my PaintShop Pro YouTube videos.  

His passion seems to be in old photo processes and he thoroughly enjoys experimenting with the capabilities of PaintShop Pro.

He has written some amazing PaintShop tutorials that simulate those wonderful old processes.

Click the thumbnail to visit Terry's very own piece of real estate on the site ...

Fun With PaintShop Pro

Celtic Knot

Paintshop pro celtic knotThis tutorial demonstrates, in detail, how to draw a fabulous Celtic Knot with PaintShop Pro.  The tutorial guides you through using vectors to complete the drawing but the same technique can be followed if you wish to draw freehand.

The figure is both amazing and intriguing and has a long history.  It's it up to you to research the history of the Celtic Knot and to add embellishments to the final drawing - my job is to show you how to complete the drawing.

Click the Celtic Knot thumbnail to get started on your journey ...

Impossible Triangle

impossible triangle thumbnailIt's also known as a Penrose Triangle or a Tribar.  When you look at one it seems like it's something that cannot exist in the real world.

Not true - there are a number of different locations in the world where one will find an Impossible Triangle you can touch.

The good thing is that you can also draw one very easily with PaintShop Pro.  Click on the triangle to the left and have some fun with this impossible figure.


Are you into scrapbooking and use PaintShop Pro to edit your photos?  

paint shop pro scrapbook link
Did you know you can create amazing scrapbook pages with PaintShop Pro?  

You can make outstanding scrapbook pages with PSP!

Click on the thumbnail to visit the PaintShop Scrapbooking page ...


Brush Variance

brush variance paletteThe Brush Variance Palette is how you change your brushes to react to pressure when you are using a Wacom tablet.

The pressure sensitivity and resolution of the Wacom tablet with PaintShop Pro Photo X2 will help you create amazing results.

Click the Brush Variance thumbnail to learn how to use this palette.

More Brush Variance - aka Brushes II

paint shop pro coloring with paintshopIf you happen to be an artistic soul and love to color then this is for you and can you imagine how much fun the kids will have with digital coloring using a tablet?

The Jitter settings in the Brush Variance palette will do some really cool things with a coloring project.

Click the little fish thumbnail to learn how to use the different dynamic and Jitter settings.

PSP Clone Tool

PSP CloneThe Clone Tool is versatile and will produce excellent results if you know how to use it correctly.

Click the image to learn more about the PSP Clone Tool and the two other removal tools - the Scratch Remover and the Object Remover.

MakeoverMakeover thumbnail

PaintShop Pro has a group of very powerful and easy to use Makeover Tools.  They are all located in one place so it makes it really easy to apply them to an image.

After the makeover is applied you can continue with Skin Smoothing and some final tuning to create a fabulous portrait.

Click the thumbnail to go to the Makeover page.

PSP Lineart

Line art thumbnailThis is a neat technique that's a lot of fun.  It's also versatile as you can make changes to the settings and create a completely different look.

Amaze your friends and family by creating a line art image from a photograph!

Click the thumbnail to learn how to use this technique.

PSP Airbrushing

Airbrush thumbnailThis is a technique adapted from a Photoshop tutorial.  Airbrushing differs from the Makeover Tools technique because it tends to provide a more natural outcome.

Click the thumbnail to learn about this technique.

 Creating a Reflection

Pumpkin ThumbThis tutorial will lead you through the steps required to create a reflection under a simple object.  It's a fun technique and you can create some outstanding results.

Click on the thumbnail to visit the Paint Shop Pro
reflection page.

Eliminating Shine
Eliminate Shine ThumbOne of the biggest challenges for  photographers is the annoying shine that magically appears on noses and foreheads and chins.

It is relatively easy to eliminate shine using the tools in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2.

Click on the thumbnail to find out how easy it is to get rid of those shiny spots.

Hikey Conversion

hikey thumbnailCreating one of those really neat hikey images with PaintShop Pro is not particularly difficult once you know the steps.

The neat thing about this type of conversion is that there is no wrong end result.  You keep working at it until you are satisfied and then you will amaze your friends and family.

Click the thumbnail to find out how to create your own hikey image with Paint Shop Pro.

Soft Light Layer Dodge and Burn

psp dodge and burn thumbMost PSP users know about the normal dodge and burn tools and probably fancy themselves as quite adept with them.

This tutorial will demonstrate a different and very effective method to dodge and burn using a soft light layer.

A soft light layer can be used in a wide variety of situations to make local adjustments.  This means you can lighten or darken a small area of an image without affecting the overall image.

Click the thumbnail to discover how to use a soft light layer to dodge and burn.

Black and White Conversion

1.  Greyscale, Black and White Film and Channel Mixer

paint shop greyscale thumbConverting a colour image to black and white images, also known as greyscale images, can be achieved in a variety of different ways with Paint Shop Pro.

Some methods are quite simple and produce OK results while other, more involved techniques can produce dramatic, outstanding black and white images.

Click on the little greyscale image to learn more about color to black and white conversions.

2.  Dual Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layers

paint shop pro black and whiteThe dual Hue/Saturation/Lightness Adjustment Layer technique is adapted from a Photoshop technique written by Russel Brown.

One of the adjustment layer simulates the black and white film and the other simulates the full range of filters normally used with black and white film.  There are an enormous number of modifications one can make to a color image to create stunning black and white images.

The first half of the video demonstrates how to use the two adjustment layers and the last half uses the new image to make additional modifications with a Mask Layer.

Correcting Color

We have all had one of those images with a weird color cast that seems to defy all of the built in paint shop pro thumbnailfunctions that are desigend to eliminate it, right?

At this point it is necessary to have a manual technique that will work quickly, effectively and easily to fix the color.

This manual technique makes use of the Average dialogue as well as a Levels and Curves adjustment to set the color right.

Click the thumbnail to learn this really neat and effective method of color correction.

Blend Range

Paint Shop Pro blend rangeThe Blend Range in PaintShop Pro is a powerful yet mis-understood and under used adjustment.

It allows you to make subtle adjustments between layers and works will in conjunction with the PaintShop Pro Blend Modes.

Click on the thumbnail to learn how to use this adjustment.

Autochrome Conversion

Thumb autochromeThis tutorial comes to us courtesy of Terry in England.  He seems to be a student of photography and enjoys creating really nice old time images.

At first I was simply curious about this conversion but after converting a number of images I must admit that the end product is really pleasing.

Grab yourself a nice image, click on the thumbnail and learn something about the early roots of photography.

The good thing is that Terry seems to have some other interesting tutorials so get this one down before the next one is created!

Creating Scripts

paint shop pro scriptsPaintShop Pro comes with over 50 built in scripts that will perform an interesting variety of tasks.

Writing a script may seem to be a difficult tasks but in reality they are easy and straight forward to create.

Click on the thumbnail to learn more about writing your own script.

Hair Tinting

paint shop pro hair tintingHair tinting aka changing hair color is guaranteed to make a major change in someones appearance - and it is quite easy to complete with PaintShop Pro.

The most important aspect of is the quality of the selection you make so great care must be taken.

Click the thumbnail to learn how to change hair color.

The PaintShop Pen Tool

PaintShop Pen Tool

pen tool linkThis tutorial is an introduction to the PaintShop Pen Tool and you need to know a few ground rules and heed a few warnings before you get started. 

The Pen Tool takes dedication, perseverance and a lot of trial and error before one becomes adept with the beast and once that happens you fill find a very useful new Tool in your PaintShop Pro arsenal.

Click the thumbnail to learn more about the Pen Tool in PaintShop Pro.

Pen Tool Cut Out

paintshop pro cut outThe Pen Tool is the most accurate selection tool for cutting something out from a background.

The downside is that the prefect cut out comes with a price - you need to learn how to use the Pen Tool and that's easy enough to do by working through the Pen Tool tutorial.

The effort and time are worth it, however.  Click the thumbnail to learn about using the Pen Tool to do a perfect cut out.

Photo Restoration

PSP Photo Restoration

Dawne ThumbRestoring priceless old family photographs can be a real challenge.

PaintShop Pro Photo X2 makes the job much easier with a couple of really unique tools.

Click on the thumbnail to learn how to use these tools to restore your old photographs.

PSP Curves

thumbnailUsing curves and channel mixer adjustment layers can make a dramatic improvement in your old, discolored images.

Click the thumbnail to follow along with the text or watch the video to learn how to use these powerful techniques with your images.

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Paint Shop Pro

  • Integrated Learning Center.
  • One-click fixing tools.
  • Unique makeover tools.
  • HDR photo merge.
  • Artistic effects and filters.
  • Auto preserve originals.
  • Camera raw support.
  • Layers and Adjustment layers.
  • Levels and curves adjustments.
  • Depth of field effect.
  • And more ...

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