Learning Photoshop

Have you discovered, like I did, that learning photoshop is absolutely  before Photoshop miracles are performed on your digital images or scanned photographs?

Learning Photoshop can be surprisingly easy with ...

an experienced  master teacher
step-by-step instructions, and
sample pictures

all in one value packed manual!

When you understand the basics then you find yourself doing things that you never learned in the basics - your understanding has taken you to a new level.learning photoshop v

Both your digital editing skill and ability are enhanced and improved by understanding how each tool works, it's limitations and it's capabilities.

Learning Photoshop can be a long and onerous task if you do what I did  - hacking about with the program and searching the 'net for help.

My ability to create both this site and the video tutorials took a really quick turn for the better when I became serious about learning Photoshop in an organized and systematic manner.

Learning Photoshop - The Search

The decision to expand my skills by learning photoshop was a head spinning experience.  Do you realize just how many different courses there are for learning Photoshop? Hundreds - maybe thousands with prices ranging from "wow" to "over the top".

One fateful I discovered a Photoshop training program called "Photoshop in a Day".

  • The price was (and still is) right ...
  • The downloadable PDF manual is substantial ...
  • The information is up to date including CS4 ...
  • Sample working pictures are included ... lots of them - 170 of them
  • The price is right ... (am I repeating myself)

learning photoshop duncan

Duncan, the author of the program, has taken the Photoshop manual and turned it into plain English complete with hundreds of examples.  

Photoshop In A Day is a full blown, substantial
course that anyone can understand.

If you only add one Photoshop Ebook to your digital library then this is the one to add!

Probably the best feature is the inclusion of 170 sample pictures that are referenced in the manual (560 pages of manual).  

Duncan provides step-by-step instructions every step of the way so you can follow along with the exact same pictures he is using in the manual.

About The Author

Duncan has been a Professional Photographer for over 30 years and using Photoshop for over 10 years (since version 3.5).

His skill both behind the lens and in his digital darkroom are readily apparent in his photography and in his extensive manual, Photoshop in a Day.

When you order his comprehensive manual you will feel comfortable about his wealth of experience and the exacting care he has taken with every page, every tool and every technique.

Duncan makes learning Photoshop a relatively easy, enjoyable step-by-step process.

What Results Can You Expect?

What you will notice in your Photoshop projects is this -

 ... when you look at an image your evaluation of what needs to be done to improve that image will be much more thorough than it was before you bought the manual.

  • you will understand the tools ...
  • you will understand the techniques ...
  • you will use the Adjustment Layers ...
  • you will go places in the menus you have never been before and use things you have never understood before ...
  • you will be proud of your results ... really, really proud!

When you come up against something that you cannot figure out simply open up "Photoshop In A Day" and find the information you want.  It's always there and always well explained.

It's that simple!

Learning Photoshop can be a joyful experience!

To me that's an outstanding value and I know you will feel the same way.

Before and After Examples

The following are some before and after pictures using the easy to follow instructions in the manual ... and these images are only a small representation of what you will learn.

Color Range Pre Color Range Post

This is a quick and effective method to make a selection based on the colors in the image and then change them.

Beaver Pre Beaver Post

Making perfect cut outs using the Pen Tool is thoroughly covered as well as filters like Render Clouds in this example.

Canon Pre Canon Post

How and when to use the Clone Tool and maybe more importantly - when to do something else in addition to the Clone Tool.

Car Normal Solarized Car
If you have ever admired a solarized picture and wanted to create your own then Photoshop In A Day is perfect for you!  This was something I struggled with in my darkroom and now I can make my own with Photoshop.

Color Cast Color Cast Gone

Removing a nasty color cast can be a real challenge and the manual clearly leads you through the steps you need to know.

 Esso Esso1 Esso 2

Getting rid of the handrails in front of the pump was quite a challenge and required the use of the clone tool, selections and patching.  The final image on the right was created with the pen tool and some transformations.  (Incidentally - the cost of a gallon of gas on this pump was $0.35!).

And finally some great text effects including this one ...


It's easy to see that Photoshop In A Day is a truly amazing manual ... don't you agree?

The Next Step

That's an easy one!  Click on the link to Photoshop in a Day, check out the extensive range of topics included in the manual and then ... order your own copy today!  

You have nothing to lose - your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Click here to order your copy of Photoshop In A Day now!

Photoshop In A Day

What Makes Photoshop In A Day Such A
Great Value?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with the product then a full refund will be given!

learning photoshop histogram


30 Day full email support

learning photoshop monitor

Free Sample Pages

To confirm for yourself that this is a guide that really works, go ahead and try out the Free Sample Pages ... (scroll down to the link).

The sample pages include a full list of Contents.

learning photoshop split

170 Images

When you download the manual you also download 170 images - the very same images used in the manual!

This means you will know you have mastered the technique when your image looks just like the image in the manual.

All you have to do is sit down at your comuter and start learning without trying to find a suitable image for each technique ...

learning photoshop layers

The Manual

The downloadable manual is in PDF Format and works with both PC's and MAC's.

learning photoshop curves

Ease Of Use

The PDF manual contains both a table of contents and an index
which makes it easy to find any
section you need quickly and easily.

learning photoshop page curl

All Levels of Users

The guide is suitable for all
levels from beginners who are beginning their digital journey by learning Photoshop to advanced users who want a comprehensive reference manual.

learning photoshop santa


Covers all versions of Photoshop including CS4.


"I took many photoshop seminars and your manual is awesome. So much easier! I like the way you teach what is necessary to know at first and build on it instead of bombarding us with too much unnecessary information all at once. I would say you gleaned the essentials and cleared away the fat!  Bravo and good luck!"
Rose Sirianni
New York

"Until I downloaded your book, I was totally discouraged in attempting to put into practice what the other four books on Photoshop I own were teaching. Many times a step seemed to have been left out or no means of correcting something going wrong or any explanation of 'why' it was going wrong was given, the consequence being that I was getting totally demoralized about learning Photoshop. I've only spent about ten hours so far with your book (over a number of days, of course), but it is what I've been looking for. I am learning a lot and masking is no longer a mystery. So thanks for taking the trouble to spell it out."
Marvin Israel, Pennsylvania USA

"I'm just begining to dig into the book, and one thing I like already is that it tells you what you will most likely use, and other processes that you might not, or very rarely, use. There's so much to learn, that this is very helpful."
Phil Heston

"I purchased your manual 'Photoshop in a Day' and I just had to write you. I am a total newbie to photoshop and starting out with cs3 extended. Talk about confusion and frustration!! I've read probably a hundred tutorials and watched umpteen videos and learned little if anything. I tried your sample pages and decided to make the purchase. I want you to know it is the best money I've spent in a very, very long time."
Nadine Snyder
Maine USA

"I think your Photoshop manual is totally brilliant. It is better than the 4 books I've had out of the library. Very clear. Very user-friendly. A pleasure to read/study from."
Catherine Day

 learning photoshop

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