Intuos 3

The Intuos 3 line of tablets are the professional products from Wacom.  

For almost 20 years this line of tablets have been the Number 1 choice of the Graphics Professionals. The current professional version, the Intuos 3, is a truly incredible product that digital artists and professional photographers cannot live without.

Who are IIntuos 3 Users?

They appeal to professionals in the graphics industry, advertisers, engineering, architectuire, advanced amateurs or people who simply want the best tablet available.

A partial list of users includes:

  • Professional Photographers

  • Designers

  • Digital Artists

  • Advanced Amateurs

  • Graphic Students

  • Professors and Lecturers and Presenters

 What Makes the Intuos 3 So Popular?

Here's the list - these are the reasons that so many people absolutely love their Intuos tablet.

  • Precision - 5080 DPI for total creative control.intuos-pen-tilt

  • Pressure Sensitivity - 1024 levels.

  • Pen Tilt.

  • Six Sizes.

  • Comfort Grip Pen with extra nibs and a pen stand.

  • 5 Button Mouse.

  • 8 Programmable Express Keys (4 on the 4X6).

  • 2 Programmable Touch Strips (1 on the 4X6).

The universal settings of the drivers included with your Intuos will work seamlessly with your software or you can modify the settings to work the way you want.

Where To Buy An Intuos

Most major electronic retailers carry both the Intuos line of tablets.

You can compare their prices to the prices on my Intuos Store - click here to check out the pricing.

Intuos Set Up Videos

Intuos Control Panel

Intuos Set Up

Tablet Users

  • Pro Photograpers
  • Graphics Designers
  • Industrial Designers
  • Animators
  • Illustrators
  • Medical
  • Health Care Workers
  • Educators
  • Office Workers
  • Scrapbookers
  • Presenters
  • Amateur Photographers

Intuos Tablets

Intuos3 4X6
Intuos3 4X6

Intuos3 6X8
Intuos3 6X8

Intuos3 6X11
Intuos3 6X11

Intuos3 9X12
Intuos3 9X12

Intuos3 12X12
Intuos3 12X12

Intuos3 12X19
Intuos 12X19

Intuos3 set up

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