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The tutorials listed here will help both new and experienced digital editors get the most out of their primary digital editing software (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and PaintShop Pro).

With experience and practice you'll find the quality of your finished product dramatically improving.

The majority of the tutorials suggest using a graphics tablet from Wacom, however they can all be completed with a mouse or track pad.

If you cannot locate the information you need on the blog, then you can either use the search bar at the top of the page or send me a request using the Contact Form - I do answer every question.

Drawing a 3D Cube with PaintShop

How to draw a optical illusion 3D Cube with PaintShop Pro. This is quite easy despite the fact that it may look challenging.

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Paint-Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro has a long history of providing digital editors with a high quality, robust product. The latest version (X7) is the best version by far being both fast and stable.

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Paint Shop Scripts

Paint Shop scripts are the quick and easy way to speed up your workflow.

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Old Photo Restoration

Old photo restoration with Paint Shop Pro

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Paint Shop Blend Modes

The Paint Shop Blend Modes are very powerful, particularly when editing and image.

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Restoration Photos

This series of restoration photos is a map of the steps that were used on the Spot and Clone page. Each picture shows the end result and a description or each step.

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Spot and Clone Restoration

The spot and clone tools in Photoshop Elements will restore even the most damaged photo and with a Wacom tablet the results will be outstanding.

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Hair Tinting and Colouring

Hair tinting is one way to really change someones appearance. The secret to success with this is the initial selection.

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Black and white Conversion.

There are links to a variety of different black and white conversion methods using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

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Lightroom Black and White

lightroom black and white demonstrates how to convert a colour image to black and white

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Pen Tool

The pen tool may be the best selection tool in Photoshop. It does, however, take some practise to master.

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Drawing the Genesis Pattern with PaintShop Pro

How to draw the Genesis Pattern using the vector tools in PaintShop Pro.

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Gradient Map

The Gradient Map Adjustment layer in Photoshop creates a wonderful black and white image.

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A Daguerreotype Conversion with PaintShop Pro

A daguerreotype is one of the oldest types of image. This tutorial demonstrates how to achieve the same results with PaintShop Pro.

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Paint Shop Greyscale Conversion.

The Paint Shop Greyscale conversion page includes a variety of different conversion methods. They are generally quick and easy.

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