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Photoshop CS5 was introduced a few months ago and typical of Adobe the new version includes most of the tools and adjustments we have grown to know and love plus some amazing new features.

In total, there are 32 new features in which  can be discovered in the menus by selecting Window > Workspace > New in CS 5.

Here are some of the more useful and interesting additions ...

Mini Bridge

CS 5 mini bridge

As far back as CS2, Photoshop has included Adobe Bridge which is a really useful application that has become better and more useful with each new version.  

This version of Photoshop includes a Mini-Bridge that can live with the other palettes at the side of your screen.

The Mini Bridge is accessed through the File Menu (File > Browse In Mini Bridge ...).

With Mini Bridge open you can double click on an image to open it or simply drag the image onto an open document without leaving Photoshop.

Right clicking on one of the little thumbnails provides additional options including opening your image in Camera Raw - even jpeg images which is really great.

The two little thumbnails at the bottom of the panel allow for previewing an image (the one on the left) and changing the view options of the panel (the one on the right).

When you are finished with Mini Bridge just click on the two little arrows at the top of the panel to collapse it with the rest of the palettes.

This is a really great addition to Photoshop.

Puppet Warp

Puppet Warp provides a visual mesh that lets you drastically distory specific image areas, while leaving other areas intact.  With Puppet Warp tyou can do subtle image modifications (like shaping hair) to total transformations.

Here is an example ...

cs 5 cs 5
Normal Warped

Something interesting for the creative types ...


High Density Range images seem to be all the rage these days.  Some HDR images are absolutely amazing while others border on the surreal (that is - bizarre).

What an HDR image does is attempt to capture more than the CCD in your digital camera can see by taking three images, one after the other, with different exposures.  What this does is capture the full range from the lightest area  to the darkest area in the three images and then they are put together with Photoshop's Merge to HDR Pro ... function.

The HDR function in the Automate menu has been improved.  If you have a DSLR that is capable of taking bracketed images then you can try out the new Merge to HDR Pro ...


Now the good news - if you cannot take bracketed pictures there is still a way to create an HDR image.  It is found in Image > Adjustments > HDR Toning ...

This is one that was done with the HDR Toning feature in CS 5 ...

cs5 hdr toning

If you want to explore High Dynamic Range in CS5 in more detail - click here ...


Content Aware

content aware
This addition to CS 5 is truly amazing and will replace the Clone Tool in some applications - not all but some.

What it does is remove objects from an image based on a Selection and the surrounding pixels.

Click on the Fill dialogue to learn more about the uses of this neat new addition to CS 5.

Mixer Brush

cs 5The Mixer Brush is one of the really cool additions to the program..

With it you can paint a picture (if that is your thing) or turn a photograph into a painting with an amazing range of options available.  The Mixer Brush is especially useful when using a Wacom tablet (Bamboo or Intuos).

Click the thumbnail to learn more about the Mixer Brush.


These are only 5 of the 32 new features in Photoshop CS 5 and each one of them wonderful.

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Content Aware

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