Cintiq 12
The Cintiq line of tablets are the premium products from Wacom.

They are a tablet within an LCD screen so you work directly on screen and they are truly wonderful.

They can be thought of as an Intuos 3 in an LCD - with the same pressure sensitivity and the same resolution and it is much, much easier for the professional to work directly on the Cintiq screen than on a tablet on a desk.

The unique features include:

  • A flat surface from edge to edge which allows the hand to glide over the surface without bumping into anything

  • A textured, scratch-resistant surface provides a natural feel

  • Adjustable stand helps maintain a comfortable working position

  • Programmable Express Keys and Scroll Bars are fully programmable which means you can program your most used keyboard shortcuts

  • Cushioned and contoured pen allows for hours of use without fatigue

  • available in 2 sizes - 12" and 21"

cintiq 21


  1. You work more quickly and accurately by using the pen directly on screen.

  2. Using the pen directly on screen is closer to working with traditional materials than ever before.

  3. The smooth and responsive reaction is the closest you will get to the traditional paper and pen feel.

  4. The comfortable pen and the ability to tilt the screen means less fatigue after hours of retouching, restoring, drawing and painting.

  5. Compatable with both MAC and Windows and easy to install.

Cintiq hookup


cintiq 12
cintiq 21
Dimensions 16" X 10.5" X .67" 22.1" X 16.5" X 1.8"
Screen Size 12.1" diagonal 21.3" diagonal
Aspect Ratio 16:10 4:3
Weight 4.4 Lbs 18.7 Lbs without stand
Native Resolution 1280 X 800 1600 X 1200
Total Pixels 1.024 Million 1.92 Million
Express Keys 10 User assignable 8 User assignable
Touch Strips 2 Finger sensitive 2 Finger sensitive

Working On Screen
  • work comfortably and naturally directly on screen
  • intuitive pen control in all applications and across multiple monitors
  • natural hand-eye coordination speeds workflow
Pressure Sensitive
  • unlocks the pressure-sensitive controls in leading software applications from Adobe, Corel and Auto desk
  • provides superior control for retouching images, creating effects, drawing and painting
  • program the Express Keys for frequently used shortcuts and modifiers to speed work flow
  • program the Touch Strips to control dynamic functions (zoom and scroll)
  • customize settings and pop-up menus to be application specific
  • Display Toggle simplifies cursor control in a multi-display environment
High-Quality Display
  • color calibrate to work flow needs and to other monitors for color-critical situations
  • high pixel count for detailed work
  • includes a durable, scratch resistant surface with an anti-glare coating
  • connects to any laptop or desktop computer
  • Windows XP or Vista and Mac OS X 10.4 or later


The ultimate computer monitors for creative Professionals.

The Cintiq interactive pen display are high-quality LCD display that allow creative professionals to work with a pen directly on the monitor.

Working naturally and intuitively on screen can speed any digital worflow and encourage creativity for:
  • photographers
  • designers
  • artists
  • animators
  • video editors
  • and other creative professionals.

Tablet drawings
by ordinary folks!

wacom tablets pear drawing
Drawn by Gill

wacom tablets patrick roy
Drawn by Kevin

wacom tablets poster
Poster drawing

wacom tablets devin
Drawn by Devin

wacom tablets Monika
Painted by Monika

wacom tablets Ali
Painted by Ali

wacom tablets Samantha
Drawn by Samantha

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