Bamboo and Bamboo Fun

The Bamboo comes in two models - Bamboo and Bamboo Fun.

The Bamboo appeals to the consumer digital editing and digital art crowd on a budget.  Both the Bamboo and the Bamboo Fun work seamlessly with all the popular digital editing and painting software but not all software is written to handle the pressure sensitivity of the Bamboo line.

The Bamboo from Wacom is also targeting the business market because of the Handwriting capabilities of both the MAC (Ink) and Windows Vista Premium and above Operating Systems.  Microsoft, in particular, did a great job with their handwriting module in Vista.

Combine Bamboo with Mac Inkwell or Microsoft Windows Vista (Premium and above) andbamboo sizes Office 2007 to handwrite email, enter text by hand anywhere typed text is accepted, navigate your desktop with a flick of the pen, and more.

Simply install the drivers for your Bamboo or Bamboo Fun on a PC running Vista Premium (not Vista Home - its gotta be Vista Premium or higher) and the Handwriting module and Journal are activated.   This gives you the equivalent of a tablet PC for a fraction of the cost ...

Not a bad deal - outstanding digital imaging capabilities and handwriting recognition all in one inexpensive tablet!

Bamboo Models

There are two models of the Bamboo.  The basic Bamboo comes in one size and the Bamboo Fun comes in two sizes.

Tablet Comparison

Feature Bamboo Bamboo Fun
Express Keys 4 4
Finger Sensitive
Touch Ring Touch Ring
512 Levels 512 Levels
Sizes Small Small, Medium
Colors Black Black, White
Blue, Silver
Mouse No Yes
None Elements 6.0 (Adobe)
Painter Essentials 4.0 (Corel)
Nik Color Effects 3.0
Resolution 2,540 DPI 2,540 DPI

Who Buys The Bamboo?

The Bamboo is the least expensive Wacom product but make no mistake - its a powerful,  Babmoo Devinversatile digital editing and artistic tool - and - it is a lot of fun to use!

This drawing by Devin was completed in about 15 minutes on a Bamboo with Painter Essentials.  It was the first time Devin (15 years old) had used a tablet of any kind.

The other drawing was done by Samantha (14 year old) in about 10 minutes the first time she used a Bamboo - not bad for a beginner!Bamboo Samantha

So - "who are the typical Bamboo buyers" and "is the Bamboo the right tablet for me", you ask.

Here are the typical Bamboo buyers:

  1. People who already own digital editing software (Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Painter) and want a value priced tablet to get started.
  2. Students on a budget.
  3. Business people who want to take advantage of the Handwriting module in both Windows Vista and MAC.
  4. Scrapbookers and crafters.
  5. Those unfortunate folks suffering with RSI who need an alternative to their mouse.
  6. Kids - they love to draw and this is a great way to get them started.

The Bamboo comes in one size (small - active area is 3.7" X 5.8") and one color (black).

Bamboo Bamboo

If you are looking for a starter tablet then you can't go wrong with a Bamboo.

Who Buys the Bamboo Fun?

The Bamboo Fun is available in two sizes, the Bamboo Fun Small (active area is 3.7" X 5.8") and the Bamboo Fun Medium (active area is 5.3" X 8.5") and four colors.

Who buys the Bamboo Fun?

  1. Beginning digital imagers and digital artists who do not own a tablet or digital imaging software. The Bamboo Fun includes Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0, Corel Painterbamboo silver Essentials 4.0 and Nik Color Effects 3.0.
  2. Business people wanting to do both digital image work and handwriting recognition.
  3. Scrapbookers and crafters.
  4. Folks sufferintg from RSI.
  5. People who want to a tablet to match the color of their computer system.
The Bamboo Fun buyer is pretty much the same as the Bamboo buyer - the Bamboo Fun costs a bit more but includes  a software bundle that is worth way more than the difference in price.

Another advantage of the Bamboo Fun is the difference is the difference in size between the Bamboo Fun colorssmall and medium tablets.  The small one is very portable (it fits nicely in a laptop bag) and it doesn't take much real estate on your desk.

The Bamboo Medium is larger than the Bamboo Fun Small and this gives much more freedom of movement when you are working with it on your desk.  It's not quite as portable as the Bamboo Fun small but the ease of use makes it a great tablet.

Whichever you choose, you are getting a great tablet that will provide hours of fun not to mention an dramatic improvement in your digital imaging projects.

Video - How To Set Up Your Bamboo.

Where to Buy A Bamboo or Bamboo Fun.

Most major electronic retailers carry both the Bamboo and the bamboo fun.

You can compare their prices to the prices on my Bamboo Store - click here to check out the pricing.

Bamboo Users

  • Educators
  • Mapping
  • Office Workers
  • Control Systems
  • Scrapbookers
  • Presentations
  • Families
  • Amateur Photographers
  • Students
  • Family Historians

Bamboo Tablets


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bamboo ring

bamboo side view

bamboo sideview
Bamboo Fun

bamboo funbox

bamboo silver

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bamboo fun pen tablet mouse

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