AfterShot Black and White

The AfterShot Pro black and white capabilities are varied and will produce some impressive results.

Without using any of the downloadable plugins there are jot many conversion options.

When all of the plugins are installed then there a lot more options for converting to b and w available and this is the reason to go to the Get More tab and install all of the free plugins.

The plugins specific to black and white conversion are ...

  1. Bez - adjust the perceived lightness or darkness with bezier curve-based tone controls.

  2. Silicon Bonk - uniquely geared to black-and-white conversion on images previously edited for color.

  3. zChannel Mixer - create better black-and-white images by mixing color channels.

  4. Mix3 - produce black-and-white images by mixing the Red, Green and Blue Channels.  Mix3 approximates average luminosity by taking a weighted average pf RGB.

  5. Color Equalizer - this plugin will modify the color spectrum in both color or black-and-white.

  6. Zone - uses the Ansel Adams Zone System to help set the correct exposure on an image.  This is not a conversion method, rather it's a method to check your black-and-white to insure that all zones are represented, more or less.

AfterShot Black and White

This is the sample image that will be modified with the different conversion methods.

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